ClassPass Affiliate Program

ClassPass Affiliate Program

There is a great new way to visit a gym for a class with ClassPass. They provide a new way of doing memberships with gyms. They have thousands of different studios and gyms in your city and all over that will that you’ll have access to. The price may vary depending on the city. This gives people the opportunity to try out different kinds of classes like yoga, barre, cycling, martial arts, and more. This is a perfect service to have if you travel a lot as well. This company is growing fast and seeing a lot of success. You have the chance to join in on that success and make some money for yourself as well. Join the ClassPass Affiliate Program at PromoAffiliates. Email to get started today!


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Media Content

A lot of our social media influencers use video content to build an audience. This allows you to succeed much better with your promo codes. The more activations you get the bigger the pay check. So, you’ll want as many people seeing your promo code as possible. You can accomplish this by providing them great content to take in. Don’t just make it an ad. Make sure to make it something funny or educational or just all around entertaining enough for them to come back for more. If it’s that good they will share your videos with their friends and family. They will also do the same, building you a big following. You just work in the promo code into what the content is about or simply say it’s a promotion to support your content.

Keep them coming back for more is a great way to succeed in our ClassPass Affiliate Program.

Blog Content

Others will however use the blogging method. This also has the same rule applying. You need great content to keep them coming back and a reason to share your content with others. Don’t just pitch a code to them. Once you build a following with them your activations will increase as well. The great thing about blogging is the ability to use SEO. Using SEO will help you gain a following using google keywords. This will take some time and some work. Once you get it right you should see tons of new users visiting your site. A great way to succeed with our ClassPass Affiliate Program.

Learn more about ClassPass

Once you get a returning fan base who will begin using your promo code, you may get questions about ClassPass. It’s a good idea to know a little about the company. You can however direct them to to learn more.

Where is ClassPass available

They currently run their service in about 30 cities around the world. As they gain more and more users, they will continue to expand into more cities. They can use an account with ClassPass to take a class in any of the cities at any time they’d like. Targeting travelers to join this service is a good idea. On their website, they have a map that lists all the gym locations. Near the bottom of the page you’ll also have a list of all the cities that have their service available.

Can they bring a friend?

People sometimes do prefer to work out with company. That’s why ClassPass have a promotional deal where you can invite a friend with a link to share. This will come from a box that says, “Want to bring a friend for free?”. This will give them 3 classes for free during a 2-week period. That way they can join your class, and have 2 others to choose.

Don’t forget that they will not be able to use your promo code if they’ve already made an account before or even if they did the free friend invite promotion. So let them know your code is the best one to use. They will not be allowed to combine your promo code with the free friend invite. Only one code per new user is allowed. So you might prefer to have them use yours instead. That way you can succeed with your ClassPass Affiliate Program.

What is ClassPass Flex

All classPass accounts will come with a free of charge feature called ClassPass. This allows you to take all the classes available in participating cities when you travel. If you leave for a short visit in another state this comes in handy. You just head over to the account settings. Here you’ll be allowed to change the flex locations from a drop-down menu. You can change this at any time.

Once they begin taking 50% of their classes in a two-month period, they will be auto changed to that city in the account. This may cause different pricing for your account as well. If you have them still needing help let them know they can contact ClassPass here

ClassPass Verdict

As you can see ClassPass is a unique company that is fast growing. Don’t let the chance to grow with them pass you by. Join us at PromoAffiliates and we can help you get started on a ClassPass affiliate program. Begin making great money on your own schedule. You get to be your own boss! The schedule is all up to you. All we do is provide you with a promo code and pay every month! If interested make sure to email to get started today!

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