ClassPass Coupon Promo Code Discount

ClassPass Coupon Promo Code Discount

ClassPass Coupon Promo Code Discount

This is a new service that is very interesting. They provide a new kind of membership for gyms. They grant you access to thousands of different studios and gyms in your city and all over the world as well! They provide different prices for different membership options. Price may also change depending on the city you live in as well. You’ll have the chance to explore new classes. Classes like Yoga, barre, cycling, and even martial arts. If a new class appears you’ll be able to be one of the first to try it! The number of classes you can take a month, and the times you can visit a studio per month will depend on the plan you choose. You can also visit the same classes again later down the line if you would like to continue with a specific one as well.

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Where is ClassPass available

Classpass is available in 30 cities around the globe. They are also continuing to grow to more and more cities. The more users they get the more they will grow. You can use the account with classpass to take a class in any of the cities at any time! This is perfect for travelers who like to stay in the gym daily! If you head over to they will provide a map section that helps you find locations. You’ll have the option between viewing list of studios by clicking the list icon above the upper-right corner of the map. They will also provide a list of all the cities they are available in near the bottom of the page.

How many times can you visit a studio per cycle

This again all depends on what plan you have on your account with ClassPass. To find this information just visit a studio under “Your current plan”. This is in your account settings. Also, if the gym has more than 1 location your time covers all locations so you can split the hours in different locations.

Can you bring a friend?

A lot of times we like to work out with friends. ClassPass does allow you to bring a friend using their promotional deal. All you have to do is invite them with a unique link to share. This link will come from a pop up that says, “Want to bring a friend for free?”. Once you click that it will then provide you with the link for your friend. That link will take them to the process of creating an account and they will receive a free 3 class 2-week trial. The other 2 classes they can use for whatever they’d like. They will however, be able to go to the class with you for free.

An important thing to remember is that, the promotion only applies to new users. If they’ve had an account already before with ClassPass the promo will not work. Another issue is that they cannot mix this promotion with another. If you however don’t have a friend who uses ClassPass already you can always use our ClassPass Coupon Promo Code Discount XXXX to get started.

Is there a long-term commitment?

The great thing is that there is no long-term commitment for ClassPass. You are able to end your membership plan at any time. Or if you only need to take a break you can put ur entire account on hold whenever you want. You do however need to make sure you do it at least one day before your cycle renews. After that 1 day it will be to late and the charges for the new account will have been completed at that point. To cancel or put your account on hold all you have to do is log into your account and adjust your membership status in your account settings.

ClassPass Flex

All classPass membership will include ClassPass Flex for free. This will allow you to take all your classes in the participating cities when you’re traveling outside of your home city. When you’re in a new area you can just change your flex location. On the site, you’ll need to navigate to account settings. This is where you’ll be able to change the flex locations from a drop-down menu. This can be changed at any time and as many times as you want.

On the app you’ll have to find the “Profile” tab near the bottom of the screen. Right below your name, you can tap the location you’re in. And you can then change your flex location to whatever city you will be in.

This is something that was created for temporary travel. Once you begin taking 50% of your classes in a two-month time outside of your home city, they’ll change the membership to the new city you took most classes on. This may end up with a different pricing since the prices change depending on the city you’re in. they will notify you however if that does end up happen. You’ll receive a notification about it before it happens.


Contact them if you have any issues like being signed dup for the incorrect city. If you do end up moving at some point you may also contact them to help you set up the account for the new city. Visit in order to set up a conversation with their customer support.


This is a great service that will continue to grow. Makes going to a gym when you travel a much easier process. A lot of times hotel gyms don’t have much or may be too expensive. With ClassPass you’ll be able to choose from different gyms in many cities. Now traveling is no excuse to miss out on days in the gym. In order to also get started you can save money right off the bat by using our ClassPass Coupon Promo Code Discount XXXX. Start trying new classes in different gyms today.

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