Gett Coupon Promo Code Discount

Gett Coupon Promo Code Discount

Gett Coupon Promo Code Discount

Gett is an amazing company which connects you to amazing transportation and good services.  It lets you order transportation and courier as well. They have both website and app where you can sign up and upload your orders. The app is available both for android and Ios. They currently cover 100 cities across the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Israel. If this is an app you’d like to try, don’t forget to use Gett coupon: XXXX to save money on your first use of their service.

About Gett?

The company was first available on Nov 1st, 2010. Originally, they were known as GetTaxi. They were founded by an Israeli man named Shahar Waiser and Roi More. Waiser was the one who came up with the idea during a summer in 2009 at a thirty-minute wait for a taxi at an aiport in Palo Alto, California. They first started operating however in Tel Avivi, two years later. They app was then launched in London in August 2011. Once March of 2012 hit they moved into Moscow market as well. By June 2012 Gett has raised 30 million dollars including 9 million more from british-based American named Len Blavatnik Access Industries Fund. The company continues to grow to this day.

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It all depends on where you live. Prices keep on changing depending on your city and location.  One great thing they do is a Set-fee policy in Manhattan. Customers in Manhattan can use Gett and only pay $10.00 to be driven anywhere below 11th street. This mean that you can go from the northern tip of Central Park to Wall street.  For an incredibly low price with Gett! This price is so low that even the VP of Gett as said that a lot of these rides just are not profitable.

The purpose of offering such an amazing deal is simply to build a customer base. Just like Uber has bargin on promo codes. Gett counters that with this insanely low price. So if you’re in the Manhattan area take advantage of this. This is amazing for your city though it isn’t expensive in other cities as well. So don’t worry if you don’t live in Manhattan. You can use promo codes for that then. Manhattan people can get even more advantage with that. Use promo code : “XXXX” and get discounts or a free ride.


Once you are done with setting up the accounts or linking it up with facebook, you can order your ride right away. You will get a free account the first time you order a cab. Also, you can set up your card or paypal for payment. You can even use cash. They accept all the major debit and credit cards which is awesome. They unfortunately don’t use gift cards and stuff like that and prepaid. This setup is done before you are taken to the actual app. This is also the one and only time you’ll have to do this.  After this every ride will automatically charge your card. If you’d like to see the details of the card just go to the billing section in your app and your history and card info will be available there.

Also don’t forget if there are tolls you will be charged for the tolls as well. Use promo code “ XXXX “ for a free ride or discounts.

Don’t let your codes expire! Promo codes have specific time before its dies and you lose the offer forever. So make sure that doesn’t happen.

It will be real sad to lose a great offer like they are offering.

Gett Safe

Canceling the ride

You can always cancel the ride if you feel like you have an emergency and its taking some time. However this shouldn’t be anything to worry about. The cancelling process is very simple. You just have the option to cancel a ride request after the order now button has been selected you can then just click the cancel option at the top right of the screen.

A grace period is provided before being charged for a cancelled order. You will be alerted of your grace period once you have opted to cancel. You may however receive a $5 cancellation fee if you cancel at least five minutes after you request a driver. also, you could also receive a $10 fee if you request a future order and cancel within an hour of the pickup. However, you can dispute any charge by emailing and don’t forget to give them as many details as you can possibly give them.

Use Gett coupon: XXXX to save money on your first ride!

How do I contact their helpline?

If you need to contact customer care at any time after your ride. Lets say you may have forgotten a bag or something in your last ride. The first thing you must do is call their customer care team at 855.200.4388. Do this as soon as you can. They will try to locate your items by contacting the driver you last had. However, if they cannot get a hold of your missing items they are not responsible for items left behind in vehicles. But they will do their best to help you find your things.

Again make sure to call 855.200.4388 as soon as you can. If you have any other questions regarding the app or their service in general this number will also help you.

Can you carpool in this app?

Another great feature of course does include carpool option. This is called Gett Together. This gives you affordable way to get around Manhattan by sharing your ride that day with other commuters going in the same direction. This saves money for you and the other passengers as well. As long as you have the most updated version of the Gett app, you should also have access to using the new Gett Together version. Just click the Gett together tab scroll through available routes and tap select route. This is where you choose the pickup by choosing set up pick up. You then choose the drop off location as well and order now.

In conclusion,

This is a great new app that offers incredible low prices. Especially when you have access to a Get coupon to save you even more. If you need an alternative to Uber this is the app for you. If you live in a city like Manhattan, your in luck you have even more savings. Even more so if you combine both the coupon and live in Manhattan the savings will be insane. Give Gett a try and don’t forget to use the Gett coupon to save big on your first ride as well.

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