Juno Affiliates Ambassador CPA Program

Juno Affiliates Ambassador CPA program

PromoAffiliates Agency is ready to work with you through our Juno Affiliates Ambassador CPA program so your audiences can save on their use of the service. We will give you a unique Juno promo code. People use your code for their first time and this activation earns you money.  We have a long history of connecting the masses to great promo codes. PromoAffiliates has gotten Uber 500,000 new users in the past three years.  Contact Aaron@promoaffiliates.com for your Juno promo code in our Juno Affiliates Ambassador CPA program.

We work with Juno, Uber, Munchery and more.  All of our Affiliates Ambassador CPA programs are similar. We give you a promo code and as you promote it, you make a money every time someone uses it.  We pay you monthly based on reports we get from each brand we work with. Your promotion is based on whether you are a blogger or a social media influencer. If you are popular on YouTube you can make videos that promote the brand. You can make a video of yourself ordering from promo code company with coupons. This is the best way because people will see how to input the promo code if you include screenshots and stuff like that in your edits.

Who is PromoAffiliates?

PromoAffiliates Agency promotes some of the top brands with mostly digital marketing practices. We partner with top bloggers and influencers to help us promote these apps. We have worked with some big influencers but the trend now is all about micro influencers. You can be a better asset to our Juno Affiliates Ambassador CPA program if you have high engagement on your social media. This just means that you are getting a lot of comments or shares. Our blogger affiliates produce some great content to promote these brands as well. Some of our blogger affiliates have top sites with a lot of traffic. They use search engine optimization and many other efforts to generate their traffic.

We pay monthly based on the number of activations that your promo code generates. So if 100 people try your promo code in the calendar month, you will be compensated 100 times the rate we are paying you for each new user.

There is a lot of press link on our website. We are part of a big trend here with influencer marketing so we have gotten our share of press. We are posting articles like this to let you know of the opportunity and we hope the best success for you either way. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at s.mew@promoaffiliates.com and we will get you started on our Juno Affiliates Ambassador CPA program.

Even Old Ladies Use Apps

It may come as a shock, but an 81 year old woman just released her own Iphone app.  According to CNN.com, Masako Wakamiya wanted some smartphone games that were specifically made for seniors.  After no one gave her the time of day, the retired banker spent six months developing a game called Hinadan.

I find it so inspiring that so late in life, this woman found the courage to go against the grain and do what her heart desired to do.  So many of us will shy away from our destiny just because of fear or rejection.  I mention this article because I think that it will inspire you but also so that you know that apps aren’t just for young people.  With the Juno Affiliates Ambassador CPA program, you are offering your Juno promo code to anyone who wants to try the app.

An experienced Ted talker, Masako discussed with audiences how hard it was for her to just set up probably her first computer.  She said it took three months to get the thing set up and online!  What determination it must have taken for her to learn everything needed to produce an app.  Also, the app store doesn’t just accept any app that people send their way.  I’ve heard the process is rigorous. So with so many people ready to try out apps this is your chance to make money with our Juno Affiliates Ambassador CPA program today.

More Apps to Come

Masako said that this is just the first app that wants to develop. She says that she has “lots of ideas. . . to create new apps, but [her] programming skills are poor.”  Her skills are good enough that she is teaching classes in computers and is a regular blogger.  She calls herself a “technology evangelist” and has written her own PC textbooks.

What Makes the On Demand Apps Possible

For a glimpse behind the scenes of some of the top apps, Tech.co has come out with an article by contributing writer Wendy Schott.  The piece is about application programming interfaces, or APIs which are responsible for the complicated technology that powers our app experiences.  Schott goes over some of the three main technologies that most of us take for granted.  We love to use apps but only care if they work, not what powers them.

APIs allow a level playing field for developers who might have as many resources.  This makes me feel hopeful that technology is allowing people to compete who may not otherwise have a chance.  Developers who want their apps to have a lot of features can use APIs that are open sourced so that anyone can use them.  The first API that Schott mentions in the article are the ones that are commerce-based.  These are the APIs that allow the customer to provide payment information only once and then check out from then on with just one click.  It seen Orwellian but it’s really secure.


I hope that you decide to join one of our Juno Affiliates Ambassador CPA program.  It’s as simple as 123 to get involved:  1) email s.mew@promoaffiliates.com to sign up and get all the guidelines.  2) Promote your promo codes in your content on social media.  3) sit back and let the activations pour in and collect your monthly payments from us.

We can help analyze your social media accounts. Of course, we will see what type of posts you get the most response from and also give you content ideas. We can work towards getting direct sponsored content for brands.  Also, we will be in your corner and contact them on your behalf.  We will show them data on how many activations you have gotten for our other clients. It will be easy for those other brands to make a deal! Don’t hesitate join our Juno Affiliates Ambassador CPA program today.

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