Minibar Affiliate Ambassador Referral CPA Program

Minibar Affiliate Ambassador Referral CPA Program

minibar Affiliate Ambassador Referral CPA Program

Minibar is a great new service that will deliver the alcohol to you! Great alternative for when your drinking at home with friends and run out of alcohol. Instead of risking your life or others just sign up for Minibar delivery and place your order. Someone will bring it to you! This is very similar to other apps such as Drizly and Saucey. They are growing every year more and more. Join in on the success by joining our Minibar Affiliate Ambassador Referral CPA Program here at PromoAffiliates. To get started email us at today. We will set you up with a promo code of your own to promote! The more activations you get the more money you make.


Join us at PromoAffiliates today, we’re an advertising office for huge amounts of various top on request applications. With our member programs, we’ve figured out how to get more than 500,000 recruits for Uber. We’ve likewise come to more than 100,000 new clients for every month for Postmates. A standout amongst the most focused markets out there is the advanced market. In any case, inside that we flourish in associate showcasing.

A major some portion of what we do here at PromoAffiliates is working with online networking influencers. We likewise work with numerous bloggers and even individuals in advanced promoting industry. We give you a promo code for you to provide for others to utilize. For each initiation you get you get cash sent to you! Each organization pays distinctive sum per enactments presently Uber pays $3 and Drizly pays $10. You simply need to get the message out of your promo code and you can watch that start to include. Incredible approach to profit all alone calendar and work for yourself!

Blogging for Minibar Affiliate Ambassador Referral CPA Program

Blogging is an incredible approach to get your code on the web. You can utilize SEO (search engine optimization) procedures to pick up however much activity as could reasonably be expected and motivate them to see your code. The substance they come to see however should be something they’d get a kick out of the chance to see. Along these lines, an incredible approach to manage that is to recount a story and work in the code in that. Don’t simply put a code up that won’t speak to numerous. Give them something intriguing to peruse.

Succeeding with video content in our Minibar Affiliate Ambassador Referral CPA Program

A considerable measure of our web-based social networking influencers utilize video substance to get their codes out also. Some will utilize Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram. A similar hypothesis can apply here with narrating. Give them fun content not only a promotion. Recount a story or possibly work out a scene and act it out. Work in the code into the story or give it toward the start or end. The indicate however is ensure they get great substance and a reserve funds with your promo code. Most video locales will permit this like Youtube or Instagram additionally gives video choice. An incredible approach to get the word out of your promo code. Keep in mind the better the substance the more activity you’ll get. This will raise your measure of activations which implies more cash!

How does minibar work

To succeed in our Minibar Affiliate Ambassador Referral CPA Program you must know about the company themselves. Minibar will connect you to many liquor stores in your area that will carry, wine, beer, spirits, and mixers as well. You can just browse the selection on the website or on the app. You can choose what you’d like. This will show you things that even just 1 store has. So if you’re looking for a specific brand and most stores don’t carry it but one in the area does. That item will be included in the list. You place your order and pay at checkout on the app or website. Someone will see your order they’ll go pick up all the bottles or cases you ordered and they’ll bring it to your house right away. Great service like I said to avoid driving when you shouldn’t be. Or it can simply be used if you’re too busy setting up a house for a party and you realize you need more liquor. You can continue to set up the house for the part and just have someone do the alcohol shopping for you!

How can I place an order on Minibar delivery?

The process is actually very simple. All you have to do is head over to the website or the app, place your delivery address. Once you place your delivery address it will show you all the available options in your area. Browse through and choose what you’d like. There is also a category filter for items as well. If you’re looking for strictly beer or wine you can choose that option and it will display only beer or wine. They also do include a search bar in case you know exactly what you’re looking for just type into the search bar. It will then pull up all the results related to the search you placed. Once you place the order you can finalize your order including delivery details by simply clicking the cart icon.
They also provide the chance to even send it as a gift. Another great option is you can schedule a delivery as well.

How does scheduling an order work?

You’re allowed to schedule an order up to 14 days in advance when you are at the checkout window of the service. You simple just choose the date you’d like it on and choose the 2 hour window for the delivery to arrive. If you however leave the schedule time blank the order will automatically be set for delivery to your location as soon as possible.

In conclusion

This is a great fast growing new service that is targeting to beat out Drizly and Saucey. They are providing great savings and fast delivery. They want to make sure you have the biggest selection available. Join them in their success by promoting a Minibar code and making money! Join our Minibar Affiliate Ambassador Referral CPA Program today and be your own boss Email us at to get started.
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