Minibar Influencer Program

Minibar Influencer Program

Minibar Influencer Program

Whether you’re a start-up or a more established business it is important that you know and have an understanding of the benefits that a Minibar Influencer Program can hold for you. PromoAffiliates works intimately with influencer programs and knows the best ways to use them. Not sure what a Minibar Infuencer Program would look like? We can show you the tips and tricks to running a  Minibar influencer program, or for any other company as well that will set you up for success. Not only will we cover influencer strategies and key markets but also look at the viable forms of media outlets our influencers have had success with.

Influence Marketing And Where It Came From

Influence marketing is the practice of identifying and building relationships with those around you who have influence over the target market.  Consequentially, influencers are often buyers of the product they are trying to influence others to use. They also usually operate in their own way and may have a fan base for the media sources they use to influence buyers. Influence marketing has been around for thousands of years, as long as there has been someone with more influence over others. Now lets take a look at the kinds of places a Minibar influencer program will target.

How Do People Hear About Your Business?

When PromoAffiliates uses influencer programs we cover a variety of marketing efforts. Influencer programs are a marathon, not a sprint. They take time! By, and large there are several marketing sources that influencers target. Here are the five most important.

1. Social Media/Digital Marketing

By creating blogger profiles and campaigns or using successful bloggers as a source of content creation, endorsements, hosting events or to amplify the reach of marketing messages. Some of our biggest success stories have been with bloggers, and especially video bloggers. Recently we had a major success with a video prankster.  The YouTube video made by Coby Persins in where he pranks Minibar passangers by showing up in a Bugatti got more views than most of Minibar’s own YouTube videos.

2. PR Push

A Minibar influencer program can benefit greatly from more simple PR techniques as well. Contacting journalists or industry analysts to help create awareness and help influencers to develop stories or content around a product or service.

3. Advertising With Key Figures

By featuring celebrities or prominent product advocates in marketing you can gain loyalty from their fan base fairly easily. In fact, PromoAffiliates often receives endorsements from Crystal Hefner.

4. Marketing research

In order to obtain actionable third party opinions on products, services and marketing efforts it is wise to have focus groups of influencers. PromoAffiliates takes advantage of this idea with influencers throughout multiple industries collaborating.

5. Managing A Crisis

Sometimes unMinibarable PR or a crisis in the industry can create a situation where your influencers play a different role. Consequently, influencers can help spread important news. They can also help to understand the dynamics of the unMinibarable news that is spreading through influencer channels and craft outreach accordingly.

How Does A Good Minibar Influencer Program Work?

Influencer programs go through a kind of transformation over time. They rely on building relationships within the industry and using those relationships to make a connection. This connection, whether digitally based or with a specific person will grow into loyalty. A Minibar influencer program works on this basis. The influencer will build awareness for your product or service as well as form a basis of credibility to the customer base. A credible business can answer to their customers with transparency and creates that connection. As that relationship from business to buyer grows it creates loyalty. Now, that customer is an advocate for your business and in turn, an influencer for your business!

Identifying A Potential Influencer

First and foremost it is necessary to look at your target market. Which topics are relevant to your customer base, industry or brand? This is a situation were you want to listen to other outlets about relevant sources and how they see your business. Ask yourself some critical questions about why the media is focused on what they are covering within your industry. By identifying the credible individuals who have an audience for their opinions or content you can thus find key influencers. Now that you have identified them, how do you gain their Minibar?

Connecting With An Influencer

A Minibar influencer program relies on the relationships built with the influencers. You may be wondering how exactly you can do this but it is actually fairly simple. Firts, make sure that you’re not forcing your brand onto anyone. Remember, it’s a marathon not a race. If influencers aren’t on board with your product then they wont do anything positive for your brand. Understand their experience and background. Even looking into whats been written about them and what hey have put out about certain products is important. If they don’t like certain things then its good to know ahead of time. Be sure to contact them in a friendlky environment, perhaps social media to start building a relationship. Hold off on the pitch for now.

The most important thing to keep in mind about influencers is that they operate as an individual unless otherwise stated. Your pitch needs to be geared towards what they will be interested in sharing otherwise you will lose credibility. Once you know what the influencer is about and you have a base relationship then make your pitch. Keep in mind that their focus may change at some point so you need to keep track of what influencers are promoting. Of course, you should always be humble, professional and transparent. Never assume that any one influencer has to work with you. However, influencers whom you have this base with will be valualble assets for your business when it comes down to creating buzz.

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