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You know the day when you have an inclination that you need to drink, yet you are excessively lethargic, making it impossible to go out to purchase your alcohol and it’s an end of the week? Or, on the other hand when you are arranging a gathering and you are occupied with setting it up and the companion who would bring the alcohol, crossed out the arrangement finally. Well in the event that you in these circumstances, Saucey is there to spare you! Saucey is an on-request liquor conveying administration which can help you in the subject of so you can make the most of your alcohol and you don’t have to venture out of your home.


Saucey is an on-request liquor conveyance startup which was established in 2013 by three companions, Chris Vaughn, Daniel Leeb and Andrew Zeck. Around then they were working in the startup Textplus when Saucey came in their brain. The thought was to open something on the web which would convey liquor and drinks on-request with a ton of assortments.

How does the thought rung a bell? This is the ticket. So one of the authors, Chris Vaughn needed to have a wine after work yet he discovered that he doesn’t have any and he was excessively drained. So in view of that sluggishness he considered beginning a business which would convey wine and spirits way to entryway and this thought framed Saucey, which has as of late got $4.5 million venture. A straightforward thought, yet a major one.

How can it function?

So fundamentally what it is , is that you have an application which you can download both on android and iOS. At that point you have to introduce the application and information exchange in the event that you are another client. They additionally give a promo coupon code to new clients which you can use for your first request. Such a slick thing to do.

For rebates or free conveyance utilize promo coupon code : “TRY2” and have a fabulous time

In the wake of doing all that stuff, you’ll be taken to the application.

The UI is this way. They have offers on the top with every one of the classes which incorporates : Whiskey, Beer, Cocktails, Red Wine, White Wine and so on.

You can look over assortment of choices and request it. After you are done requesting, utilize the promocode accommodated a free conveyance. Life has turned out to be so natural with this.


Well like I stated, a ton of you youthful folks may consider requesting it since it’s done on the web and you can fake your age. Well to receive the request, the individual ought to be no less than 21 years of age. For demonstrating that he/she ought to convey a substantial driver’s permit, generally the request is scratched off. Conveyance staff will dependably confirm client’s IDs with Drizly innovation on their cell phones to guarantee that all clients are of legitimate drinking age.

Web journals

Saucey has an alternate area with every one of the sites. They have every one of the formulas and diverse methods which improves a drink hundred times!

Here is one of the formulas :



1.5 oz of Tito’s Handmade Vodka

New grapefruit juice


Pour Tito’s Handmade Vodka over ice, fill whatever remains of your lowball glass with crisp crushed grapefruit juice. Embellish with a sprig of rosemary. Appreciate!

To make your Tito’s Greyhound into a Salty Dog, simply salt the edge of your glass.

( formula from



1 squeeze mint

1 oz lime juice

3/4 oz straightforward syrup

2 oz vodka


Jumble the mint in the lime squeeze and after that include basic syrup and vodka. Shake with ice. Embellish with cucumber cuts and spring of mint

You can discover a greater amount of the formulas online on their site :

The application is planned by remembering to ensure that the application is anything but difficult to utilize.

You should simply, Download the application. It is accessible on both android and iOS and is allowed to download.

At that point when you are done introducing the application, you need to make a record.

For making a record, you have to fill in your email address, your number, your name and your credit data. Additionally in the event that you have a coupon/promo coupon code or a referral, you have to fill in that too before your conveyance is finished.

Starting at now Saucey is giving its administrations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento and Chicago. They are growing however!

You can even make your own particular referral code and spread it around which can make you a few credits. This is the way you can spread your referral codes :


It’s an extremely straightforward application and is exceptionally easy to understand. Any individual who knows how to utilize a cell phone can utilize it effectively.

Make your record on the application. For this you should simply, download the application, give your email, your telephone number and a secret word. Furthermore, you regard. You are prepared for requesting your dinner.

When you are done joining, you can then observe the entire assortment of sustenance that Doordash gives. You can truly get your sustenance from another side of the city which is really cool. They have ETAs and everything so you can perceive how much time it will take for the conveyance fellow to reach to your place and the amount it will cost.

When you are finished with taking a gander at the menu and you are certain about what you will arrange, submit the request. When you are done putting in the request you are demonstrated a checkout page where you can pay by means of Mastercard or charge card. You can spare data for next time to spare some time in future. You can even include a coupon in the event that you have one like we have. Including the coupon “TRY2” will give you some markdown on your request. You can even tip the conveyance fellow. Also, you now should simply unwind and sit tight for your dasher to convey your nourishment. You can likewise find your sustenance and see where it is and perceive how much time it will take for the dasher to be at your place.

Utilize coupon

Make a point to utilize the Saucey Promo coupon code “TRY2” for more rebates and free conveyances. In the event that you go to their site on desktop they offer you free conveyance in the event that you agree to accept their bulletins.

Saucey offers a great deal of things like blenders which incorporates juices,ice,cups and so on and furthermore stogies, and snacks too.


In 2014, Saucey accompanied this astounding thought for promotion in Los Angeles. They collaborated with Los Angeles based clothing organization MeUndies in way so that when you will open the way to get your request it will build your fervor much more. You are sitting tight for your beverages, and now its here and you are going to begin the gathering and what you discover it something totally astonishing. You’ll see a model conveying your request wearing only the clothing. Its very questionable however again you got the chance to do all that you can amid promotion and it was a restricted time offer in any case. Saucey well made features with various stuff what they needed.


Saucey gives out coupons to the new clients as a reward which is awesome. Generally its around $5 as is the conveyance expense. So fundamentally the first occasion when you arrange the conveyance charges is on the house. Additionally you can utilize the Saucey Promo coupon code “TRY2” for $5 credit too. First time coupons must be utilized on the main buy.

Likewise you can’t utilize them once more, Saucey continues running the promotional arrangements and they continue spreading around coupons. Continuously watch out for any lapse dates that a promo coupon code may have, as any credit on a promo coupon code that terminates can’t be recovered or come back to the record in any capacity.

In any case, you can simply attempt to discover coupons on web. There are heaps of those and subsequently you don’t have to stress over it since arrangements show up frequently!

COUPON: TRY2 for more rebates amid look at!

You can continue looking on the web and continue seeking profoundly and you’ll discover promo coupon codes lying around all over. Google is the key. Continue attempting and you’ll discover a considerable measure of them cooperating. And after that you can continue utilizing it and get it for less expensive rates!

There is a conveyance expense however! Its not much, just $2.99 but rather it is deferred off if your request is more than 35$. What’s more, in the event that you are another client or you are agreeing to accept their bulletin, you’ll get a free conveyance regardless. This is so cool.

As indicated by their site this is the means by which the requesting works :

It’s anything but difficult to arrange with Saucey!

Initially, put in a request from our application or webstore.

Our Couriers then set up the request and convey it to you inside 60 minutes! Most clients get their request in around 30 minutes.

In the event that a thing is out of stock, we’ll reach you straightforwardly with a few proposals.

Also, this is the means by which they ensure that the client is more than 21

As per their site, Every Saucey Courier is required to experience ID check preparing and is furnished with an ID examining application. Your ID will be confirmed by a qualified Saucey messenger to check age and personality before conveying your request. Messengers are just ready to convey the request to the client who put it. Companions, family and relatives can’t take the request.

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