Finance And Insurance PR Firm

Finance And Insurance PR Firm

Finance And Insurance PR Firm

When looking to expand your business’ reach among current and potential customers you may be wondering which Finance And Insurance PR Firm is the best to go with. In fact, PromoAffiliates gets asked this question constantly. Whether a you are a Finance And Insurance company, or a player in another industry the rules are similar.

“PR” And Why Its Important

First lets examine what a Finance And Insurance pr firm is and why its important to you as a business owner. Public Relations, or “PR” is basically how the public interacts with companies and businesses around the world. Whether they read a magazine that publishes work from a major Finance And Insurance company or see a television ad for Finance And Insurance products, that is PR at work. This is an extremely important thing for any company to have because good PR keeps new customers coming and builds loyalty with current customers. However bad PR can set you back in revenue and actually push potential customers away. By, and large there are several ways to identify bad PR before any money gets involved and these tips can help your business make a smart decision towards PR.

Build Your Toolbox

Before you start emailing a random Finance And Insurance PR firm it is imperative that you create tools for yourself. Perhaps the most essential, and simple, tool you can build is a list. Researching who in the Finance And Insurance industry is your top competition and looking into which pr firm they worked with is a great place to start. Secondly take advantage of tools that are already there for anyone to use. Most Finance And Insurance PR firm directors and consultants use social media. This is a golden opportunity to build a relationship early on with whom might be managing your account in the future. Consider this an early investment as working with someone who knows you as a social media force can remove a lot of time consuming leg-work. Finally make sure your website has a press page with all of your contact info and relevant news updates. This creates a space for your consultant to pull important information about your business with little work, as well as somewhere to direct possible journalists interested in publishing your businesses achievements.

Making The PR Push

From here on out it’s time to take advantage of your toolbox and make the pitch. A bad PR firm wont make itself known immediately, at least not until you actually have a chance to talk face-to-face. To start, lets focus on pitching to the Finance And Insurance PR firm. Because guess what? If they don’t see your company as a capable entity with a clear set of goals they may not even take an account with you. As mentioned above the relationship with the firm should have been built previously, at least a month beforehand. Use a contact that you’ve previously established communication with and craft a short email. Short is the operative word here. Its a pitch! Condense the story and goal of your business into an email that can be read in less than a minute. Offer future correspondence for more information and link your website and press page. If your pitch was enough to garner a bit of interest to the Transportation PR firm then they will reach out to you.

Recognizing A Good Finance And Insurance PR Firm

Presumably you have made your pitch and the firm has responded back to you. Great! Now, how do you know that they are worth that large retainer fee and months of your companies time? PromoAffiliates has the answers. Here are the sure fire ways to k now that you have a good Finance And Insurance PR firm working for you.

1. Previous Accolades

What PR firm wouldn’t talk up all they’ve done in the Finance And Insurance industry? They are trying to get paid first and foremost so they tend to glorify every account that has seen a respectable return rather than mention ones that didn’t. However, your account director should easily be able to supply sample work and case studies on previous accounts. Or if your’e looking for help in a specific sector of PR like media relations or award opportunities, ask for publications and awards they have secured for previous clients.

2. The “Who knows Who” Of PR

For the most part an active PR firm in the Finance And Insurance industry should have multiple contacts that they can provide. Ask them for a list of references and examine which of those references is prevalent in the Finance And Insurance world. A Finance And Insurance Pr firm who can back up that they do indeed work with the major companies and publications that operate in your industry is worth its weight in gold. Incidentally this means that they can understand the offerings that you’re putting forth and make a more educated approach as to how to ramp up PR.

3. Transparency

Arguably this is the most important trait of a Finance And Insurance PR firm to have if you want to work with them. You deserve to know exactly what you’re getting from them. In an industry built on less than scientific results and gigantic fees this is major. Any attempt to generalize the services they are providing to you is a red flag. There is no reason to work with a pr firm in any industry who cant provide you with a set course of action. What are they going to do, in what time frame, for how long and are they matching with your companies goals? A positive return of PR should take a few months and if they are making excuses as to why it will take longer, they are not being transparent with you.

4. Customer Centricity

Customers at the core. No Finance And Insurance PR firm is worth your time and money if they don’t operate with this idea in mind. You are paying a large sum of money and need to be heard and worked with. If your PR director takes a stance of “my way or the highway” then its time to run. PR is important but it needs to align with the companies long and short term goals. Accordingly the people who handle your account need to be aligned with your goals or the only PR they will bring you will work against the companies own direction.

Did this article answer all your questions on what makes a good Finance And Insurance PR firm? If not, PromoAffiliates can offer you expert service and professional consultations for free.