How To Buy PR Mentions

How To Buy PR Mentions

How To Buy PR Mentions

PromoAffiliates works closely with influencers and media contributors so we get asked questions frequently on how to buy PR mentions. When a start up or a an established business begins seeking media coverage through PR it can seem like a daunting task. However, these days its easier to find cheap or sometimes free PR from multiple sources. Everything involving PR starts with building relationships with potential to develop connections. This will make pitching to journalists, writers and bloggers much easier. If you decide to go with a PR firm then its important you understand how to pitch to them and how to buy the most out of it. You can also try focusing on content marketing which is cheap and can lead be a great source for potential PR mentions.

Seeking PR Begins With Connections

Sometimes the best way to get a PR mention is to go directly to the source. Contacting writers directly is easy but takes some set up. Start by creating a list of journalists who know about the industry you operate in and have similar ideas. Almost all of them have public social media accounts. The first contact you make with them should be a friendly, professional mention of their work or a reference to an opinion they had in one of their articles. Don’t try to pitch to them just yet, there will be a better opportunity. Once you have announced yourself and your company, maintain the relationship for at least a month before emailing them.

Making The Pitch

When pitching to a writer or a PR firm for that matter, remember that you’re trying to tell a story. Your pitch should also take no more than a minute or so for them to read. Overloading the email with information will just give the journalist more work and ultimately hurt your chances of them working with you. It is imperative that you think about how this will help them. A pitch that only talks about you and your company will end in dissppointment, after all they need to have some sort of gain as well.

What Is A PR Mention

Simply put, it is when a publication mentions your business or your brand in one of their articles and links it back to your website. Backlinks are important not only for your websites indexing with search engines, but also allows you to capitalize on the PR by linking to the mention on your own social media accounts or even you business email. Good SEO also means more traffic to your website so this is a big win-win for you. Remember that the more you focus on how to buy PR mentions, the more credible your business will look to your customers. This important and is determined by a few key factors:

  1. The number of websites linking back to yours
  2. The credibility of the websites linking back to yours
  3. The relevance of the websites linking back to yours

What this means is that more links is not necessarily better. A back link to a tech website wont do you much good if you sell industrial goods after all.

Creating A Circle Of PR

You want to get in the mind set of following a pattern when it comes to PR. It takes time and effort and you have to keep at it if you want to see results. Here is the general plan of attack that you should follow:

  • create something that the press will want to cover
  • get a backlink to your website which in turn will create awareness for your site and build credibility
  • people use the backlinks which drives your traffic and social media attention
  • this builds trust in your brand and familiarity with your audience
  • other journalists will see this and be more willing to work with you
  • You get more press mentions
  • Rinse and repeat

Keep The Momentum Going

Now that you have your cycle and have more chances to get mentions in the press it will build on itself. You can keep this affect going by using those backlinks on other platforms and incorporating them directly into your websites SEO. Assuming that this PR stays positive then you can easily keep building on that. In the event that PR starts to work against you your best option is to restart the process with more press friendly content and news worthy material.

Focus On Information Based Content

Anyone can write a fluff piece with buzz words that runs only a thousand words. If you want to get the attention of any seasoned writer then you need to focus on quality, long form content in the upwards of 5000 words or more. Take this and pitch it to sources who share the same focus as your business. The idea behind content marketing is that you actually have content that other business do not. Read up, do your research and give the audience a more compelling and well thought out contribution to the industry.

Creating A Resource

The one thing that is a game changer when it comes to the question of how to buy PR mentions is original content. For example, if your business specializes in fashion then the best thing you can do to get media coverage is to create a resource your customers can use freely. How many fashion based start ups run a website that finds cheaper equivalents for more expensive brands? The answer is almost none of them. This would be content created by the business for the sake of the customer and is definitely note worthy. News sources love to cover things like this and you could see a huge increase of backlinks with the addition of well designed content.

Ultimately the best way to get PR mentions is by sticking to your guns, giving good content to your customers and writing well thought out pitches to writers that have their interests in mind as well as yours.

Still not sure how to buy PR mentions? PromoAffiliates offers free consultation and world class service.


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