How To Get Apps Featured In Publications

How To Get Apps Featured In Publications

How To Get Apps Featured In Publications


Whether a startup company or an established business you may be wondering how to get apps featured in publications. Getting major media sources to recognize your app is essential for garnering attention and creating customer traffic. TechCrunch, for example, receives more than 37 million page views per month. Any business should put that kind of attention at the forefront of their goals if they want to grow. But sticking a pitch to an entity that large takes tact.

Making Friends Is Fun

Occasionally the simplest answer as to how to get apps featured in publications is networking. If you happen to know someone who works for a publication that your aiming for the chances of your pitch being chosen is much better. Look into who the editors, community managers and writers are. They usually have social media accounts and that will be a perfect way for you to connect.

Follow your targeted connection on social media, whether it be on Twitter or Instagram. If you have been active in your industry at all you may even find that one of these potential connections are already aware of your business social media presence. If you have no idea where to start a twitter search tool or something of equivalent function can help you find people involved with the publication. However, if you don’t know any of them previously it’s time to start looking at the competition.

Who Is Talking About What?

Take a hard look at which writers are talking about business’ that operate similarly to yours so you can gauge what they are looking for. You can even use google to search for specific terms related to said publication and your competitor to see what they have collaborated on or what they have to say about each other. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer the adage goes. This is also a good opportunity to see which journalists you may have an easier time pitching to. Framing your pitch as offering additional advice or new information on a topic they have already covered is a great idea. This means another article for them but with less work on a subject they know they can profit from.

Take advantage of Google search results to find reporters. If you can find their Google+ profile and look in the “About” section, there will be links to the rest of their personal sites and social media entities. Connecting over one or more social websites is good but don’t make it seem like you’re stalking them. Target a site where they publish blogs or share public status updates. This will show you where they engage with others and hopefully where you can most easily catch their attention.

Make Your Presence Known

Maintaining your own social media presence is important as well. Make sure you have an active Google+ account with your business’s location. If you are tech orientated add yourself and your company to CrunchBase for free. Potential publishers and journalists will research you just as much as you research them so making it easier is a good idea. When your listing gets approved add them to your press page.

It is wise to design a press page on your site. This is extremely important for how to get apps featured in publications. Think of the press page as spoon feeding potential journalists covering your app. All the pertinent information and updates concerning your company need to be on this page. More specifically the company’s contact information, photos and videos they can use and social media profiles. This is a good thing to include in your pitch as well.

The Big Pitch

If you feel prepared then its time to make that first pitch. Direct emails to the writer or writers you have been talking to is a good way to make sure they see it. Personalize the email. You have hopefully been in contact for months. Address them by name, reference their articles and the one specific article that stood out to you. That’s the easy part. Now you need to tell them how your app being featured in publications will benefit them and their audience. Perhaps most important the email should be short and concise.

If a journalist or publisher receives thousands of emails a day than you need to make yours stand out as quickly as possible. Treat it like a “30 second” pitch. Provide your story in a simple and easily understandable way. If they decide to pursue the pitch further then its up to you to provide the link for the press page and any other relevant material on your page. Its also important that you follow up on your pitch.

Be Patient and Keep Trying

If you just spent the last months building a relationship with potential publishers then it would look awfully bad if you just disappeared. Contact them within 48 hours of pitching your sale to follow up on it and ask if they need any more information. This also gives them a chance to answer you more quickly so you can decide what your next move is.

If they say “no” don’t get discouraged! There may be a good reason or perhaps the writer is simply to busy at this time. Don’t pressure them. If it is a matter of having to large a workload they may bookmark your contact and look at publishing your app at a later date or when they feel it would be more relevant. You should have multiple options as to who you can make a pitch so asses who has responded to you and move on.

By following the above strategies its only a matter of time until you land a publication. Be ingenious and creative in how you approach it and you will significantly increase your chances. Major media outlets are difficult to grab the attention of but perseverance is key. If you have the product, a story to tell and have done your research then its not a question of how to get apps featured in publications, its when.

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