How To Get Featured In The Sun

How To Get Featured In The Sun

How to Get Featured in The Sun


How to get featured in The Sun is one of PromoAffiliates number one inquiries – and I already know what you’re thinking. I would predict that it’s something along the lines of “Getting featured or mentioned in The Sun is near impossible” and you would be right, if you weren’t wrong.


There are thousands of contributors, bloggers, journalists and article writers, content partner and news outlets that publish online content for magazines. Because of this, the first step to getting mentioned or featured in The Sun should always be to research which content writers are in your business niche.


After you have identified who you can contact, based on other articles or blogs they have written, it’s time to content them. So how does one go about doing that? There are many ways you can attempt to connect with content publishers and here are just a few that we recommend trying.

Contacting Content Publishers to Get Featured in The Sun


#1: Email The Sun Directly – Usually on every publication they have a place you can submit your story pitch to sometimes link somewhere at the bottom of there site.


#2: Finding Relevant Writer – Sometimes finding a writer at the publication that writes stories in the same space you are and you story would be perfect for. Try contacting them directly with your pitch.


#3: Twitter – Twitter, is one of social medias greatest news outlets for writers, content developers and bloggers. You have a 85% chance of finding who you are looking for if they are a journalist. Follow them and like and comment there work.


It Takes Premium Content to Get Featured in The Sun


When asking yourself  “How to Get Featured in The Sun”, first ask yourself if what you are offering is worth being featured. One mistake individuals often overlook is the fact that you may only get one chance to sell a content distributor on your pitch. If your niche for your business is small you have less room for mistakes. The first and only time you should attempt to be featured on The Sun, is when you are at the climax of what you are doing.


First impressions are everything and giving a bad one may mean that you never regain the opportunity to pitch The Sun contributor your idea, niche, startup or business again. Be very mindful in your approach.


Pitch Tips For How To Get Featured In The Sun


The The Sun writers and content promoters often get hundreds if not thousands of pitches per day. Here are some epic tips to make sure your what you’re emailing gets noticed!


Short & Sweet – This really means a lot to business professionals who are stretched for time. Make your pitch short, sweet and to the point.

Click Bate – Similar to stories you see on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn feed, most high click through articles have a Hook line (also known as click bate). Use the subject field on your emails the same way you would an article you were trying to push viewers to.

Relevancy – Finding the most relevant writer to your niche isn’t the only formula for success. Make sure that you also are pitching a relevant topic or issue. For example, if purple pandas are trending right now and in every meme, video or article you see, make sure to include how your topic relates to a viral topic? On the opposite end, if something is no longer relevant, then leave it out of your pitch.

Keywords – Again shorter is better. Writing a novel in the form of an email will not help your chances. Writers scan your emails for keywords and topics. If the e-mail is too long, it may come off as intimidating or time consuming and the content distributor may move on.

Press Links – If you have any previous press links, add them to your signature or at the bottom of the email. It shows authority and that you have worked in this space before with relevant content.

Contact Info – Always include the best contact info and make sure you use it! If you are not a phone person and put down a phone number, expect a call. If you rather discuss your pitch solely through email, then only include your email.

Follow Up – Content writers, bloggers and journalists are very busy. If you have not heard back in a week or two, send a brief follow up email. Maybe they put your information in the “To-Do” later pile and completely forgot about it. Reaching back out to them shows persistence and will remind them that they may have wanted to distribute content about your business, idea or nice.

If You Can’t Get Featured in The Sun


If you can’t figure out how to get featured in The Sun, that’s okay. We have you covered. PromoAffiliates has helped hundreds of companies, startups and business niches make their way into publications. It also helps to know the right people and in a lot of cases we do. If we don’t we are more than happy to do the research for you and reach out to content publishers that fit your scope of business.


Contact us today through our website to schedule a free consultation with our Public Relations department. We’re more than happy to help you or at the very least, push you in the right direction.


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