How To Get PR

How To Get PR

How To Get PR

One of the many questions PromoAffiliates gets asked is how to get PR, or public relations. PR is a important part of creating customer awareness for your start up. Most of the time, you would seek the help of a well established PR firm and they would walk you through the process. Sometimes however PR can be obtained through social media and connections made with influencers. There is no right or wrong method on how to get PR but there are steps you can take to make sure that the effort isn’t lost on ineffective PR.

The Importance Of PR

Companies that garner respect from major news outlets and media sources incites loyalty in their customers. Your average buyer relies on PR sources to know what products to trust and what brands to stick with. So in essence PR is how your company tells customers “We are here, and we have a good product”. ¬†Anyone can recognize the importance of this. So the bigger question is not how to get PR, but how to earn customer loyalty. PR is all of these benefits wrapped up into one package.

The Big Pitch

We have established that PR is good and that you need it. However, getting PR can be difficult. If you have chosen to seek journalistic avocation, for example then you will have to prepare a pitch. Journalists are not only incredibly busy but by, and large wont even look at your pitch if you haven’t done a little prep work. In this case, social media is your best friend. Look for your target news representative’s social accounts and start building a relationship with them. Now we don’t mean tell them your pitch. What we mean is that you should reference and show an understanding of their work and announce your company’s existence in a friendly and professional environment.

Some PR Is Free

Occasionally you will see an opportunity to obtain free PR from either a local or digital place. Business’ who are willing to donate even a small amount of their time or product for local events can get some cheap and effective PR. Customers like to know that your business is ran by humans, and not just something that exists behind a PR company. Consequently, a well maintained social media account that receives updated news and achievements can be a powerful force. This also creates a public platform for you to receive and address customer feedback.

Know Your Niche

Let’s talk industry. The industry that your business operates in is also the industry it needs PR in. It would be a waste to receive endorsements from an esports player if your business sells construction equipment. Identifying your niche and seeking journalists or news sources in that niche is key. This also helps the chances that whoever’s article you end up in will be well written. They should be an expert in your industry and be able to understand your product well enough to pitch it to their audience. Bad press is still bad press.

Tell A Story

Every business or start up out there has a story to tell. Your mission statement, your company’s beliefs and set of standards are all examples of this. When you seek PR, regardless of what form you should have these things in mind. More so, a good journalist or news source should be able to portray your story to its audience in an effective way. When you make your pitch summarize your story and deliver it as a call to action. This will make your pitch seem genuine and will often afford it more originality than most of the pitches a journalist would receive.

How To Tell PR Is Working

A lot of people will say that PR takes time. A common belief in the PR industry is that it is an six to eight month process that will have waves of success. This is incorrect. Good, effective PR can see results in as little as two months. If you’re working with a PR firm then it is imperative you hold them to this standard. They should also be able to offer you updates and projections. Ultimately, if your account manager cannot show you any results or a re devised course of action every few weeks then it’s likely time to seek other help. Make sure that your account is being handled with transparency and diligence, otherwise the time and money spent will not be as beneficial for your PR as it could have been.

Making Good Use Of Your PR

How to get PR is a simple question, but how do you maintain it? If you had a successful PR push recently then you have a good opportunity to keep the PR alive and working for you. In order to capitalize on your press you need to keep cross platforming in mind. If you have a blog, or a podcast then you should be including your articles and PR efforts in them. Link the article on your email signature, or put it into your facebook profiles bio. Just because the journalist published an article about your business doesn’t mean they are going to keep pushing it into the spotlight. You however can do this with ease.

Work With Like Minded People

A somewhat understated strategy on how to get PR is simply making connections with individuals and companies who share your vision. This could provide a potential for free PR and a chance to have your brand featured by others in the same industry. However you should be active in this community. If you can elevate one of these like minded companies PR efforts than they will be twice as likely to do so for you. Take advantage of this potential by interacting with influencers and showing them your product and introducing yourself.

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