How to Pitch A Writer, Journalist Or Blogger

How to Pitch A Writer, Journalist Or Blogger

How to Pitch A Writer, Journalist Or Blogger

A common question that PromoAffiliates runs into is how to pitch a writer, journalist or blogger for PR efforts or media coverage. Luckily its a process that can be easily broken down and managed. Taking into consideration your company’s industry niche and brand image is important. It is also advantageous to organize your efforts with lists and information on who you’re planning on pitching to. You also want to make sure that your main goal is building a relationship with said media sources. Of course you’re not building these relationships for naught; they can keep giving back to you after the fact if you’re willing to capitalize on them. We cover all of these topics and more tips on how to pitch a writer, journalist or blogger.

Where Does Your Company Operate

Both geographically and within which industry does your business operate in is an important question. Obviously if you’re looking for PR then it would be pointless to target journalists and bloggers who don’t deal with the same products as you. Writers who know your niche and can talk through experience to your product are much more beneficial to your brand image. They can relate to what they publish more passionately and that creates more loyalty within potential customers versus a writer talking about a product they know nothing about.

Make A List

Your first step is to identify which key contributors you want to make a pitch at. Research which bloggers and journalists you would want to work with and compile a list prioritizing those with similar interests. Get to know their work and understand the stances they take within the industry before contacting them. This will make it easier in the later steps to get a pitch hooked. Perhaps the most important factor in how to pitch a writer, journalist or blogger is to gather your tools and know ahead of time who you want to reach out to.

Creating A Professional Relationship

So you have your list and you know who it is that you want to reach out to. But don’t make the mistake of blanket emailing all of your contacts. This is how to pitch a writer, journalist or blogger, not how to instantly annoy every journalist in the market. They are busy and get pitches constantly. The best way to stand out and increase your chances of receiving PR is to make the relationship you’re looking for apparent at least a month beforehand. A successful journalist or blogger will have active social media accounts. Consequently reaching out to them and referencing their work or opinions on certain subjects show that you are not desperate enough for journalistic coverage to contact just anyone and that your interaction with them comes from a more concrete basis of understanding.

How to Pitch A Writer, Journalist Or Blogger: The Big Pitch

If you have been maintaining a friendly and open relationship with potential biters then this part is actually much more simple. Crafting your pitch should be as simple as telling a story. Your story, specifically. This email should be short enough to read within a minute but compelling enough to hook the writer. Tell them what your main goal is and what your overall mission statement is composed of.  The hardest part about this is giving them enough information but not overloading the email. Any additional details can be covered in further correspondence and you can always link them to your websites news and mission page.

Waiting Is Hard But It’s Worth It

It is imperative that you do not keep bugging the journalists that you pitched to. If you have followed the steps so far and they are interested then they will reach out to you. Give them the time and space they need to figure out whether they want to take on your account. If they say no remember that there may be future opportunities down the road and that the door is not closed permanently.  Again writers are very busy and it is not a good idea to bug them because it would just be increasing their workload and they wont like that.

Help Them Help You

The more information you provide to the writers after they agree to write an article about your business the better. Transparency is key and again any links to your website can be helpful. Double check your social media accounts to make sure that everything is linked back to your website. Also have a conversation with the journalists or blogger beforehand so they have a clear idea about what you’re expecting from this. Asking what the article will pertain to and what the general opinion of the articles tone is expressing is a smart idea.

Keep The PR Working For You

Just because the article is published and the writer has moved on does not mean that it is the end of the potential for said article. Link the article on your email signature. Put it in your social media accounts bio and on your websites homepage. If you have a blog or podcast then talk about the article and your experience working with the journalist. This will also help maintain your relationship with them as well as promote loyalty from their usual audience.

Maintain The Relationships

Stay in touch with any journalists or bloggers that you have dealt with in the past. The potential for future correspondence is high and you don’t want to miss out on that chance. Even though you have what you initially where working towards it doesn’t mean that the relationship you have built with them wont give back at a later point. Your contacts within the industry are your number one asset for driving PR and brand recognition in your customer. They may even open up the chance to work with other influencers and writers within the industry. Their contacts become your contacts.

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