The Best PR Firm In Pittsburgh

The Best PR Firm In Pittsburgh

The Best PR Firm In Pittsburgh

A lot of times what PromoAffiliates gets asked is who the best PR firm in Pittsburgh is. It is unfortunately very easy to invest in a PR firm that wont deliver the best it can to you as a customer. PromoAffiliates deals with PR firms on a regular basis and knows what the best PR firm in Pittsburgh will look like to you.

What Makes The Best PR Firm In Pittsburgh…

For many startups and even established businesses an important thing to think about is public relations, or “PR”. It drives new business and creates a public entity with which your customers can relate and refer to. What makes the best PR firm in Pittsburgh, or any city can be a tough question. Their are a lot of factors and bad PR can be a step backwards especially for businesses who have a customer base already. PromoAffilliates takes a look at what makes the best PR firm and how you as a company can make sure that you’re investing money and time into the proper channels to build public relations.

Organize your efforts

Before we start looking at what makes the best PR firm in Pittsburgh, its important you asses the available options. If you provide a particular service or product the first question is which firms operate within your company’s industry. For example if your merchandise is metal goods and construction tools it wouldn’t be advantageous to contact a firm that is active in the tech community. The targeted market for your customers should be in line with who the consultant of the PR firm would normally reach out to. Push your efforts towards the correct audience.

Make A List and Act On It

Starting with a list of the top PR  firms in Pittsburgh is a valuable tool. This can help you be more direct about your initial approach. Choose the first five or six companies that work well within your industry and begin building a relationship with their representative consultant. This should be done at least a month in advance. Exposure to your business on a friendly level via social media can help make sure your pitch and future PR is easier for the firm. Take advantage of Twitter, Facebook or other sites to begin this relationship. Most big PR firms in Pittsburgh will have a social media presence and contacting them through those sources looks good to your customers. Go through your list and form bonds early on to minimize the work needed after hiring the PR firm you decide to go with.

What Characterizes The Best PR Firm In Pittsburgh

By and large it is common for companies to have less than desirable results from a PR firm. The large retainer fees associated with the PR industry can be a big hit, especially for the less-than-scientific outcomes and subjectivity that are prevalent in the PR industry. So you can be cautious and careful about how you divide your assets when hiring a PR consultant here are some tips.

1. Positive track record

Any PR firm you meet with is going to play up their accomplishments when it comes to their work. It is imperative that you cross check the success of companies they have worked with in the past. Requesting sample work and case studies is a good way to measure the experience of the company. If you are seeking support with media relations ask for samples of clips they have secured in publications. Or if you need award and speaking opportunities request a list of conferences and awards the firm has secured for its clients. Same idea with social media help. They should easily have references available for you to talk to about previous results.

2. Specialization in your industry

As stated above it is key that the firm be present and recognized in your business’ industry. How does this help you? A PR firm in Pittsburgh who knows the industry you operate in well can understand your offerings better. This will help them ramp up the attention being drawn to you. This also means, more importantly, that your account director and PR team will have established relationships with publications and journalists at news outlets where you want to be featured.

3. Transparency

The PR industry often gets a bad rep for not being transparent enough in Pittsburgh and its sometimes deserved. You can protect your business by knowing exactly what you’re getting in the transaction. Just like you provide your customers with exact information on what they receive from you, the consultant should provide the same service. Don’t accept generalities about what you’re getting. A competent firm should be transparent with you fairly easily and with little resistance.

4. Focusing on ‘results’ for your business

It is not out of your bounds as their customer to expect positive results fairly quickly. If months go by without any results and the firm cannot provide information as to why it’s time to look for better a better option. A proposed three to six month discovery period is completely absurd. You have paid big bucks and that should be reflected in the outcome. A good PR firm in Pittsburgh should be able to deliver that consistently in a short amount of time.

5. Customers at the core

Never lose sight that you are the customer. Sometimes the PR firm you’re dealing with may not treat your business as its main priority. You deserve to be heard! Furthermore, making an effort to pay attention to how the representatives talk to you during the pitch is important. The “my way or the highway” attitude is a huge red flag. So if you encounter this don’t be afraid to run to another firm who is more willing to work with you. Look for the PR firm who can work with you on the individualized goals of the company. Avoid companies who just manage your expectations and treat you as a cookie cutter client. A bad PR director will only resist what you have in mind for the PR you paid for and that is a sure sign that they do not hold your business at the core of their efforts.

Incidentally a good PR company is truly worth its own weight in gold. In conclusion, it pays due to your diligence in finding a good firm to work with in the long run so don’t be afraid to  bring an air of scrutiny when it comes to this process.

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