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Juno coupon

Living in New York can get quite expensive. Between transportation, rent, and other expenses, any bit of savings is appreciated. Getting around New York can also be a pain. There is so much traffic and public transportation can become monotonous. With his coupon, you can save on a rideshare service called Juno. Ridesharing is one of the better ways to get around New York. If you are tired of using Uber and Lyft and want to use a driver-friendly service, Juno may be a good option for you.

Many startup companies give out great offers to attract new customers and Juno is no different. The idea is that you will be so satisfied with their service that you will sign up and use them regularly. That is how I got hooked. My friend gave me a coupon and I was so satisfied with the savings that I decided to use Juno again and again. Soon enough, I became a regular user and have even thought about driving for them. My first ride was practically free! I thought that if the company was willing to do this for customers, then their service must be exceptional.

New Rideshare Company

Juno is the new rideshare company in New York trying to overtake Uber and Lyft. What is their strategy? They give their drivers benefits that are difficult to say “no” to. Juno drivers get their own phone with a data plan that is covered. Also, they have a 24-hour help line to assist their drivers at all time. Sometimes, having to send an email and having to wait a couple days just for a half-hearted response can be frustrating. With Juno, you can speak to a human being for assistance at any time, even in the late hours of the night. Juno drivers also get some shares in the company and Juno takes less from their drivers than Uber and Lyft do.

The Origin of Juno:

Juno was founded by Israeli-American entrepreneur Talmon Marco. He made a fortune selling a messaging app before starting his work with Juno. He operates Juno from the One World Trade Center and has built the business with the drivers in mind. The service now gives over 20,000 rides in New York a day and that number is only growing.

Talmon had many concerns about other rideshare services, particularly how they treat their drivers. He set out to change the rideshare game by aggressively recruiting drivers by offering benefits no one else has. His transparency with the company has been appreciated with his workers and customers. Talmon even personally addresses customer complaints.

Only in New York

For the time being, they only operate in New York. However, they are looking to expand their services. If they operated in my state, I would surely sign up to drive in an instant. Until then, if after reading this you want Juno to operate in your city, you can request their services. To do this, just go onto the Juno website and send them some feedback and they will get back to you in a timely manner. Juno is currently taking sign-ups for various areas they are expanding too. Sign up for the mailing list and get the information as soon as it is available.

The employees

All of their employees seem happy from my interactions with them. They seemed genuinely excited to be doing their job. I guess it’s hard to be unhappy with all the benefits that they get. It makes doing their job that much easier. For one, Juno only takes away 10% on commission as opposed to the 20 – 30% that Uber and Lyft take away. If you drive a lot, that can add up really fast. Drivers can also choose to be employees or independent contractors. Certain options are appealing to different people and Juno provides some options on that front.

I personally use Juno every time I am in New York. Last Spring, I went to a show at Pacha in the city. I used Juno get me from my hotel room to the club. My hotel was not too far from the club but walking there would be a pain and I just did not want to deal with the metro at the time. I just wanted to get to the club with the least amount of effort. My Juno driver picked me up in front of my hotel and he drove me a couple blocks. There was a bit of traffic on the way but we still got to the club at a decent time.

Simple Trips

A lot of times I use Juno for simple trips to the store or to get food. You can use Juno whether you are going out for a big occasion or just for a regular trip to the store. Whenever I have a friend go to New York, I always recommend that they use Juno. Most people just default to using Uber or Lyft whenever they go somewhere new but I strongly recommend Juno for the New York area.

How do I use the app?

First, download the app from your app store. Once you input your information, you can book your first ride with Juno. Simply type in your pickup address and the address of the place you would like to go. When you book your ride, the nearest Juno driver will come and pick you up. Before you confirm your booking, you will see the price of your trip as well as well as the options in terms of vehicles.

In terms of vehicles, Juno has three options. These options are Bliss, Luxe, and SUV. They are similar to the equivalent options that you would get with Uber. For every kind of trip, there is a Juno option that will be right for you. For normal and short rips, the Bliss may be the best option. If you want to travel in style, the Luxe option may appeal to you. If you are with a big group, you may want to hail an SUV. You may notice that there is no “pool” option. For many drivers, this kind of service is inefficient. It increases the driver’s workload and they do not make much on those rides. The rate of work for the pay was not good and Juno wants their drivers to be happy.

View the driver’s information through the app

While you are waiting for your ride, you can view the driver’s information through the app. You can also see how far away they are so you can budget your time and be ready for their arrival. It always good to be outside waiting for your Juno driver rather than making them wait. A little courtesy can go a long way. After your ride, the rider will rate their driver. While the driver will not be able to rate their rider, the driver can block problematic riders if they wish.

Working for Juno:

If you have worked for Uber and Lyft before, Juno is interested in your services. If you have a 4.75 rating on either platform, consider applying to be a Juno driver. Juno wants the best drivers for their services. Juno is looking at the weaknesses of existing companies and is looking for ways to improve on them. The benefits that Juno offers can’t just be given to just anyone. If you are willing to work and give riders the best service you can give, that rating will speak for itself and Juno would love to have you on their team.

The majority of Juno drivers have driven for other rideshare companies. For the most part, they like driving for Juno the best. In essence, those who do well on the other apps will do well with Juno. In fact, Uber could be seen as a stepping stone to drive with Juno. Drivers that are frustrated with Lyft and Uber can be tempted by what Juno has to offer and sign up. I have heard countless complaints from my friends about working for other rideshare services and I would love to recommend Juno to them. I am sure that Juno has something for everyone.

Want to be a driver?

If you are interested in driving for Juno and live in the New York area, feel free to apply. If you have already worked for Lyft and Uber, that is even better. Go on the Juno website and follow the instructions. If you meet all of their criteria, you will be asked to meet with their representatives over a cup of coffee. With all of the benefits mentioned before, it’s hard not to want to drive for Juno.

I use Juno for all of my New York adventures. Can’t thank them enough for all of the rides they have given me. Also appreciate the savings that these sort-of codes give me. I travel quite a bit so anything that helps me save on that front is appreciated. Each bit of savings adds up over time and hopefully I can help pass on some savings to you.

The coupon code for this deal is: PA2, input it at checkout.

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