Lyft Ambassador Program

Lyft ambassador program

The Lyft Ambassador Affiliate Program

The Lyft ambassador program might be the best thing since sliced bread – other than suckers strawberry jam and peanut butter, that is. Being a Lyft ambassador means that you are a ride sharing, fist-bumping expert that wants to share freemium deals with everyone who needs a ride. After all, what is easier than giving away free things people need? Probably nothing.

Do Lyft ambassadors in the affiliate program get paid?

If you’re in the Lyft ambassador program there is probably a good chance you are making more than an extra $500 a month to add to your current income. Lyft has became a staple in the ride sharing industry as one of the top services that focus on customer experience. That’s right – you get to leverage their accomplishments to earn your monthly pay. While there is many ways our Lyft ambassador’s promote Lyft’s services the top ways are through: Promo card distribution, affiliate blogging, event promotions and just about anything you can think of where tons of people may need a freemium services.

Why Lyft and not Uber?

Well, why not both? At PromoAffiliates we recommend taking full advantage of both our Lyft ambassador program and our Uber ambassador program. Both platforms are major competitors in the ride share industry. However, when you become an Affiliate with PromoAffiliates we will make sure you have access to both CPA programs. In addition, because we are a third party agency – you do not have to worry about no competition clauses or other documents that would inhibit you from driving new riders to both platforms.

Note – PromoAffiliates believes that both Lyft and Uber are great services in comparison to traditional Taxi riding.

Lyft Promo Codes

When you enter the Lyft ambassador program we arm you with your most influential weapon – the Lyft promo code. This code is yours to use as you see fit and will earn you a percentage of activations you receive on a cost per acquisition basis. See the flow below for more info.

1. You distribute your Lyft promo code.
2. The new rider or user downloads the lyft application.
3. They set up their profile.
4. They navigate to the settings menu > then promotions.
5. They enter your promo code.
6. They take their first ride.
7. You get paid!

First Riders vs Inputs

As a Lyft affiliate you will only get paid if the user of your code complete an action. What is that action? Their first ride! Remember, entering the code is not enough. For you to receive credit and a percentage of payout, the individual who has entered your code must complete their introductory ride with a Lyft driver.

How do I sign up for the Lyft ambassador program?

This is probably the easiest thing to do! Email and tell him what qualifies you to be a part of our exclusive Lyft team, how you will distribute your code and any innovative ideas you may have.

What are the requirements? 

  • Must have or also be willing to set up a Lyft account. Download it on your Android or iPhone.
  • Must be a Lyft fan and believe in our mission of uniting humanity and technology to make everyday rides welcoming, affordable and memorable
  • Must be 18+

In what cities does Lyft opperate? 

You can find the full list of cities Lyft operates in by visiting this link.

Ways to promote my Lyft code

There are many ways to promote your personal Lyft code. We have outlined a few for your convenience.

  • Distributing promo cards or materials at schools and night clubs
  • News paper or flyer advertisements
  • Affiliate blogging
  • Alternative traffic sources
  • Webmaster or website space rentals and agreements
  • Wearing a T-Shirt with your code on it (you would be surprised how well this works)
  • Word of mouth
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)

The most important part of getting your Lyft promo code out is being creative! There are many ways that you can explore and we recommend trying all of them.

What do my Lyft riders experience?

5-star rating

When you give out your Lyft promo code you can rest assured that your riders are receiving the best quality in the ride share industry. Lyft is known for only pairing the best drivers with riders by using a rating system for each completed ride.

After your ride is complete not only do you get to rate your driver but your driver gets to rate you. Through the Lyft application you will receive a notification asking if you would like to tip and rate your driver. Here are some things most individuals consider when rating their trip.

  • Was their driver courteous and respectful?
  • Was their driver safe and did he/she follow the rules of the road
  • Did their driver provide any water, snacks or extra amenities (cell phone charger)?
  • Was their driver fluent in native languages to the geographical area?

As Lyft continues to grow they also continue to asses every rider experience. If the rider experience was not exceptional it’s likely that the driver will get down-rated and receive less riders from Lyft because of the negative feedback they may have received.

Also, Lyft is the only rideshare application that allows riders to tip inside of it. If the Lyft driver has done an exceptional job, most people will leave significant tip for the driver.

Other Ambassador Programs

PromoAffiliates offers a wide array of ambassador programs in different categories. Other Ambassador programs we offer are also for Postmates, Uber, Shipt, and Drizly. We are always partnering with new companies to expand our CPA portfolio and are looking for committed individuals like you to help spread the word about these platforms.

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