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Ridesharing has come a long way. Companies like Uber and Lyft service many customers in their transportation needs. How could this industry evolve? Tesla hopes to change the rideshare industry with their self-driving cars. A few years ago, no one would have ever though that we would have self-driving cars but the future is now!

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Tesla hopes to have its own supply of cars to that they will always be available to take you where you need to go. These fleets are made up of company owned cars and cars owned by people. As opposed to other rideshare services, Tesla’s vehicles are all of their own model whereas another service can have a wide array of cars. Whenever you order a car from Tesla Ride, you know it will be of Tesla quality. With many cars at their disposal, you can always count on Tesla to be able to give you a ride at any time. Imagine being able to ask a robot to pick you up and take you to where you need to go. Tesla Ride is sort of like that.

By taking a driverless car, you can always count on having a ride. Sometimes there is a shortage of human drivers in some areas at times. By not having to worry about having drivers, Tesla can meet the demand of an area by releasing more cars into that area. It’s like these cars have a mind of their own. Pretty soon these cars will go to work just like people. This may sound scary but it is the way of the future.

Self-Driving Cars

With the self-driving capabilities of the hardware in the cars, the Teslas can have full autonomy. These cars will be ready to take you to wherever you need to go. It’s like Uber but without the driver, just you and the vehicle. If you are not particularly a people-person, then ridesharing with a self-driving-car may be for you. If you just want the experience, you can get that too.

The first cars with autopilot capabilities had the ability to steer, change lanes, park along with other basic driving functions with a signal. The new models do so much more. They can do things like drive themselves in heavy traffic and transition on freeways without assistance. This technology has come a long way since the early days of automation and the possibilities are endless. Who knows what Tesla will come up with next? They are always innovating and improving on existing designs so whatever it is, I am sure it will be amazing.

Already own a Tesla?

If you already own a Tesla model with self-driving capabilities, you can add it to the Tesla fleet. If you want, you can have your Tesla take care of other people’s ridesharing needs while you are not using it. This is a particularly appealing option if you go away for a long period of time and this can help offset the cost of the vehicle. During the time you are not using your vehicle, you can help others and make a little bit of money. This can all be done at the touch of a button. The self-driving capabilities will cost around $8,000 to install for most models.

Not using your Tesla

If there is a period of time where you are not using your Tesla, consider letting Tesla Ride use it for ridesharing needs. You can make a little bit of money while helping others in your community get to where they need to go. You may be a little hesitant to let others use your vehicle but Tesla will reimburse you for damages while someone else is using your vehicle. All rideshare users are also verified. To sign up your vehicle for Tesla rideshare, it will have to be inspected first.

To find you nearest inspection station, log onto the Tesla Ride website and go to the appropriate section and input your location. From there, you will see a map marked with the nearest inspection station. Go and schedule an appointment to get your vehicle looked at and bring it in. The inspection should take no more than two hours but once that is done, you will be one step closer to registering your vehicle for Tesla Ride. The people at Tesla are serious about keeping you and others safe on the road and making sure your vehicle meets the safety standards is a part of that.

Where it cant be used

Currently, Tesla owners are not allowed to use their vehicles to rideshare for Uber and Lyft. Tesla asserted that Tesla owners will only be able to rideshare for revenue purposes within the Tesla network. With many companies investing in mobility services, Tesla wants to make sure that they have their own network for rideshare capabilities. With their technological capabilities, Tesla can be a big player in the rideshare industry. Tesla owners can still rideshare freely within and friends though.

The Tesla Brand

Some people just want to ride in a Tesla. 115,000 people pre-ordered Tesla’s Model 3 before even seeing it. That is quite the chance to take on something you haven’t seen yet but those people are loyal to the Tesla brand. I personally would like the chance to ride in one of these. They seem really cool and the experience must be eye-opening. Like with any nice product, they do have people that are loyal to their brand. I had a chance to look at one of these models and they look absolutely gorgeous. One of my friends actually pre-ordered one and he told me all about it. He was so excited to tell me about it and even offered to let me use it when he gets it.

Some people may ask if all of this is safe. Tesla is always improving their vehicles and coming out with new models. Each Tesla is tested to make sure it meets the standards to be a safe vehicle on the road. Not only will the self-driving software be tested but every part of the vehicle will be looked at as well. Each vehicle is inspected prior to being deployed on the road so that you know that Tesla has the safety of you and everyone around in mind.


Currently, Tesla also offers rides from city to city. Currently, the Tesloop offers rides from Southern California to Las Vegas and back. More routes are being added every day. You can ride with a certified Tesla pilot and have a unique experience. Booking is easy and can be done through the Tesloop website. Each ride comes with amenities like Wi-Fi, chargers and other comfort products.  Now, you can use a Tesla for your ridesharing needs within your city. Whether it’s just a ride to the store or if you need to get across town, Tesla will have a vehicle ready to take you where you need to go.

Riding in a Tesla is quite the experience and a business has been made because of it. In some cases, this experience can take the place of a flight. Let’s say you want to travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Using a Tesla may be the way to go. It may take a little longer but the experience will be quite superior.

How to use Tesla Ride

To book a ride with Tesla, download the app from the app store. Open the app and provide some basic information and soon you will be ready to book a ride. Provide the time and place of your pickup and a Tesla self-driving car will pick you up. While waiting for your car, you can see how far away it is so you can anticipate its arrival. You can also view the cost of your trip and your vehicles specifications.   When your vehicle arrives, it will be ready to transport you wherever you need to be.


If you run into any complications, the help line can assist you. The line is available twenty-four hours a day to help you with any problems you might run into. The people on the help line are always looking to assist you and just want to make sure your ride with Tesla goes as smoothly as possible. Sometimes with certain rideshare companies you won’t get a response for a couple days but Tesla will get back to you as soon as possible.

In conclusion,

When Tesla Ride comes to your city, be prepared to take advantage of the opportunity. Tesla is slowly but surely expanding their services. If you want Tesla Ride to service your city, go ahead and let them know. They are working tirelessly to make sure more and more people have access to a self-driving car, even if they can’t own one yet. I strongly recommend the services of Tesla ride and hopefully this code can help you save on your first ride.

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