UZURV Promo Code

UZURV Promo Code TRYFREE1 (First three reservations FREE)

Get a UZURV promo code today and partner with Uber to get your FIRST THREE reservations for free. That’s right, while other promo codes for Uber or Lyft only give you your first reservation free or a dollar amount off each ride, using a UZURV promo code will grant you instant access to three rides at no cost. Follow the instructions below to claim your ride.

1. Download the UZURV application from either the Apple Market or the Google Play Store.
2. On the installation screen enter your information and also the promotional code Tryfree1
3. Wait for the confirmation email to also be dispatched.
4. Continue into the application and also reserve your first three reservations free!

Enter the UZURV Promo Code Tryfree1 Here!


What is UZURV

UZURV is the leading reservation services for on-demand ridesharing. The app works by connecting rideshare services like Lyft or Uber with their favorite drivers when they schedule rides in advance.

More options means that riders can finally customize their experience and ride with people they have created sustainable relationships with. UZURV’s advanced reservation mobile application not only improves rider experience but safety for the driver and the rider!

Making a UZURV Reservation

To make a UZURV reservation after entering your UZURV Promo code you can –

1. Select your route. You will also need to pick the pickup location and the drop off location
2. Select your favorite driver from inside the application.
3. Confirm your reservation!

The great thing about the UZURV mobile application is that you can also see your estimated pay rate, mileage and driver information all in real time. No more having to wait for Taxi’s, you have UZURV!

Route DriverList DriverChosen

Beyond the UZURV Promo Code – App Features

  • Quick and easy reservations through UZURV.
  • Browse any driver in your area from Lyft or also Uber.
  • View amenities (pet friendly, wifi hot-spot, free water/snacks, large trunk space).
  • Choose from your favorite drivers daily.
  • Filter UZURV affiliated drivers by their car or vehicle type.
  • Rider-driver chat. Chat with your Lyft or Uber driver up until the day of your reservation.

UZURV is available in the following cities

UZURV is available in most major United States cities. As the company gains more traction and also continues to grow, expect to see more and more affiliated destinations with UZURV. For the complete list of available cities please also visit UZURV Cities

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