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Waze first started out as a fun and quirky navigation app. The now Google-owned company launched its new ridesharing service. With the user-base that Google offers, it only made sense. Waze Carpool is here to move traffic and make your commute that much easier. Waze Carpool originally started around the company headquarters where it connected several thousand local workers. It then launched into the greater San Francisco area with great success. With this coupon, you can save on your first ride!

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For the drivers, Waze doesn’t take any of their income. Waze does not screen any of the drivers because Waze is not interested in creating driving professionals rather, they just want to connect riders and drives on their commute. If you are looking to make a living from giving people rides, this might not be the best option for you. However, if you want to make your commute a little more bearable, Waze Carpool is here for you.

If you are currently having trouble getting to work, you can hop in the car with someone on the same commute. Riders and drivers share the cost of the trip. Money is also transferred automatically through the app for easy payment. With the coupon code, you first ride could even be free! You can use Waze Carpool twice a day, designed around the morning and evening commutes.

I personally know a couple people that use Waze Carpool, both as riders and as drivers. It has improved their lives immensely. Some of them use Waze Carpool for their daily commute while others only use the app every now and then. For some of them, any extra source for gas money is welcome. With the fluctuating cost of gas, it is much more frugal to carpool. Being able to use the carpool lane is also a nice bonus.

How to use Waze Carpool:

To use Waze Carpool, download the app from your app store. After inputting some basic information, you will be ready to request your first ride. With this promo code, you can save on that ride! You will be first asked for you home and work address. This will help pair you with a driver that has the same commute. You can also set how much you would be willing to walk to keep your possibilities open. You will then be asked to schedule your ride.

Drivers and riders are based on their commutes. This is determined when you input your home and work address when you use the app. You can even set how far you are willing to walk. Because Waze already has advanced mapping capabilities, the commutes for each pairing are going to be ideal. This way, drivers won’t pick up anyone too out of the way from the path of their commute.

Since Waze Carpool is designed for people commuting to work, it is difficult to get a ride on-demand. To best ensure that a ride will be available to you, book well in advance. For rides on demand, there are other options available to you but if you simply need a ride to work, let Waze Carpool handle that for you. If more people carpooled, there would be less people on the road and the roads would be less congested. Waze Carpool can help with that.

How to sign up

To sign up to become a driver, go onto the app and select the option on the menu. You will be taken to the original Waze app where you will put in your email. From there you will be given information on how to become a driver. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to give rides to Waze Carpool users. You and your rider can both save on the commute. You are going to the same place anyways so why not? It’s pretty much no work anyways and you can get a little extra money in your pocket.

Driving for Waze carpool is great if you enjoy meeting new people from your community. If you have a long commute, it could be beneficial to drive with Waze Carpool. Let’s say that you travel twenty or more miles to work. Chances are, you will find someone along the way to help you offset the costs of commuting. You don’t even have to take someone the whole way. As long as they are on your path to work, you can find someone to help.

Where is Waze Carpool offered?

Waze is available to all nine counties of the Bay Area. Waze is also available in Sacramento and Monterey. They are also looking to expand to other cities in the United States and Latin America. You can log on to their website to get the latest updates on the expansions. From there, you can even request Waze Carpool to be in your city. Recently, Waze announced that they will be launching in Brazil. The service is expected to be up and running by the end of September. If your city has a traffic problem, perhaps Waze Carpool can be the solution. In the areas that Waze Carpool is offered in, business is flourishing.

Because my first ride was basically free, I decided to try it out. When I was back visiting my parents in Sacramento, I needed a ride to the mall for work because a car wasn’t available at the time. So the day before, I requested my ride on the app and the next day, my ride came to pick me up at the time I requested. Me and my driver had a nice chat on the way to the mall. It turned out my driver also worked at the mall so it was convenient for the both of us. I got a ride and they got a little cash.

working night shift

For some of us that work the night shift, it can be difficult to find suitable carpooling companions. If you can’t carpool with the people you work with, your options are limited. Waze Carpool can pair you with someone who has the same shift. We all know that working the night shift can be extremely tiring. It’s hard to avoid dozing off on the road and that can get dangerous. During those times, riding with someone else can make all of the difference in the world. Simply having a conversation with someone can be enough to help someone stay awake on the road.

I also told my parents about Waze Carpool. In terms of ridesharing, both of my parents are pretty new to the idea. They have actually never taken an Uber or Lyft before. Of course I gave them several different options for different situations and they were grateful. My mom works at a local middle school and sometimes she doesn’t feel like walking or driving to work. She lives close enough to walk but on some days, walking isn’t an option due to inclement weather. Through Waze Carpool, she found someone from our area who also worked there. They are both teachers so on the way to work, they talked about their students and other school things. Now, they carpool somewhat regularly. Pretty soon, the word spread and now several of our family friends are using Waze Carpool.

Another ride

Another time I used Waze Carpool was when my car had to be in the shop for a couple days. Each day during that week I requested a ride from Waze Carpool and someone picked me up and took me to work. Had I taken an Uber or Lyft to work every day, the cost would have been ridiculous. Through these trips, I also made a couple connections. One of my drivers actually worked at the competing company across the street from me. This helped later when I was looking for a new job.

Personally, I have a short commute and I don’t use Waze Carpool regularly. However, every now and then I travel to work from a different place and I sometimes use Waze Carpool for those occasions. One time, I decided to try driving someone. So, I signed up and took a request. Two days later, I picked up my Waze Carpool rider and took him to work. On the way, we had a pleasant conversation about our jobs and commutes. One aspect I liked about Waze Carpool was that there was no conversation needed about payment.

All payment is taken care of through the app and all the awkwardness associated with that conversation is non-existent. Taking an Uber or Lyft to work every day, even if only for a week, can add up and end up costing a lot of money. With Waze Carpool, I can simply split the cost with someone who has the same commute.

In conclusion,

Ridesharing has come a long way. Before there were many concerns regarding personal safety. If any misfortune happens regarding your ride, Waze support will help you at the earliest convenience. So far, reviews about Waze Carpool seem positive.

Once again, the coupon code for this deal is: PA2, enter it at checkout!

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