Cheap SEO Services

Cheap SEO Services

Cheap SEO Services

With the growing need for online marketing and website visibility PromoAffiliates gets asked often about how and where to find cheap SEO services. Now, it’s important to keep in mind that cheap is never better. In fact, most cheap SEO firms use what’s called “black hat SEO”. These techniques are usually detrimental to SEO indexing and can actually push your websites ranking further back. We will talk about the standard prices of SEO in a moment. Just keep in mind that if you want to approach this in a frugile manner there are certain things you need to watch out for. Sometimes figuring out SEO on your own is more beneficial than using cheap services.

Good SEO Is Pricey

SEO isn’t an exact science and can have unseen influences depending on which search engine your customers primarily use. Any SEO firm worth it’s salt knows this. As far as costs go, they can range from $750-$5000 for a monthly retainer. However some firms charge in different ways. Examples of this would be a yearly retainer, a project to project pricing and a service specific pricing. Consider that proper SEO work takes hours of time and the prices for good SEO are based on the time it takes to obtain results. Usually it takes 3-6 months to see your websites ranking improve.

Good VS Bad SEO

When it comes to cheap SEO services there are some things to look out for. As stated above bad SEO practices are almost always detrimental and Google specifically will dock your ranking if it finds certain black hat techniques. First, let’s talk about good SEO. Good SEO is based on media rich, long form content that contains a proper density of keywords. Ads are also important because they create a source of backlinking to your website. How quickly your page loads as well as making sure there a re proper meta tags are factors as well. We talked about the content being media rich and that plays a key role. All media sources should have alt attributes and keywords incorporated to increase the chances of images showing up on Google images.

The amount of bad SEO practices have decreased in recent years. The reason for this is that the search engine AI’s are being re done to look for specific practices that look shady. Which means that cheap SEO services aren’t always a viable option. Some important things to look out for are keyword stuffing and hidden text. White text on white backgrounds is used as a means to add more keyword density and hidden meta tags. The overabundance of ads to the point where the pages load time and readability is affected is also an instant dock in ranking. Paid links and bought comments. Essentially, anything that is paid for rather than created organically.

Cheap SEO Services That Are Okay

Basically, anything you can figure out on your own. SEO isn’t a complicated idea and there are tons of resources available. A business who invests time in learning how to do the SEO work by themselves will benefit greatly. At least at first. The best SEO firms are expensive but they provide services that aren’t available without years of experience. Such things as case studies, location based SEO and PR driven backlinks. The idea of SEO is to create a loop between your pages content, the media sources, and an industry authorty. Unfortunately these things are never going to “cheap”.

Something that is viable as a cheap SEO service is an SEO consultant. With this, you will pay per consultation and can get a better idea of how the SEO practices you’ve incorporated look to a professional. This is a good way to feel out what can be done better or more efficiently without explicitly paying for the service. Incorporating this with free tutorials, informative bloggs and SEO based podcasts will give you a heft set of tools. SEO is largely about trial and error. Don’t be afraid to learn on your own. Ineffective SEO done by a beginner is less toxic for rankings than bad SEO done by a supposed professional.

Another pitfall of cheap SEO services is that it is generic. In general cheap SEO companies use the same techniques regardless of the industry or the customer’s individual needs. That kind of general practice is highly noticeable not only by your customers, but by the search engine AI’s. Back in the day keyword stuffing was viable simply because search engines ranked keyword density as the most important factor. Now Ai’s look for more rich content that provides and fills a need for the customer. Websites with user generated content and free resources and tools almost always rank better.

Why Good SEO Matters

Most people who buy cheap SEO services tend to share a common but inaccurate idea. If you land the number one spot on google you can always go back and fix the content later. The issue with that is that customers have already seen that you buy links and fake public forum. It destroys brand loyalty and usually doesn’t get you the top spot anyway. Having to completely redo a websites content because you ruined your ranking is more expensive in the long run than just shelling out the cost for good SEO services.

Compile your resources, and educate yourself. Approach SEO with a cost versus quality mindset. Anything that you can figure out on your own will be beneficial whether or not you seek SEO services in the future. Look for consultation in place of complete marketing SEO packages. If you can do most of the SEO by yourself then the service will be cheaper just based of how much work is required from the SEO firm as well. SEO is an important component of your company’s web presence and shouldn’t be done incorrectly.

Still unsure how to find cheap SEO services? Feeling intimidated by doing SEO on your own or need SEO resources? PromoAffiliates offers free consultation and world class customer service.


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