How Much Should I Pay For SEO

How Much Should I Pay For SEO

How Much Should I Pay For SEO

PromoAffilliates gets asked frequently from its customers “How much should I pay for SEO”? This is a rather loaded question but were here to help. First, we will cover the basics of what SEO is, and how it is used. We will also cover what are good SEO practices versus bad SEO practices. If you decide to hire an SEO firm it is also important that you understand how they work and what exactly you will get from these services. SEO is a rather large blanket term for multiple techniques so when you ask yourself “How much should I pay for SEO” you’re really asking how much you should pay for a broad and varied service. However with our help you will be an SEO expert.

What Is SEO?

So you’ve created a website or have had one established already but you arent getting many views and almost zero new traffic per month. The main reason for this is more than likely that your website has not been search engine optimized, or “SEO’d”. What this means is that through several techniques you can influence both the topical layer and code of your website and its content to improve where it shows up in the search engines that your customers use. Essentially, you take advantage of the algorithm that search engines use to rank the websites that show up first when someone searches something. This is extremely important for brand awareness and organic traffic on your website.


The big question on your mind may still be “How much should I pay for SEO” but in order to measure that we have to look at the good and bad side of SEO. In recent years SEO has been more about pushing keywords. Keywords are used by search engines to scour a websites code and rank the  based on how many times this keyword appears. However some search engines, Google in particular, do not rely as heavily on keywords anymore. Here are what index’s better on Google:

  • Long form content in the upwards of 5000 plus words.
  • Title tags that include the keyword but succinctly show what the page is all about.
  • Meta tags that describe what the reader is about to view.
  • Alt attributes in all images (this is essentially a description within the code of an image describing the image) this raises the chances of the image with your sites backlink showing up on Google images.
  • The content of the page is rich and has the keyword incorporated well.
  • Internal linking – including links to other websites that also link back to your website.
  • Easily read content. Just because its long form doesn’t mean it should be hard to read.
  • Incorporating the keyword into the website slug

These practices are the basics of SEO and should be the bare minimum of your expectations if you work with a SEO firm.

In contrast, here are a few bad SEO practices:

  • At all costs avoid duplicating content.
  • Over usage of a keyword can be toxic for your indexing factor.
  • Guest posting on others websites for backlinks can be messy if done cheaply or on a website that isnt credible.
  • Accepting low quality guest posts on your website.
  • Cloaking or hiding additional text to spam keyword density or page content.
  • Too many ads, to the point where it slows down the page.
  • Paid links.
  • Having a ton of outgoing links.
  • Slow loading speed or clunky web design.

Hiring A SEO Firm

While these practices have simple applications and can be done by yourself, sometimes it is less stressful to seek the help of an established firm. If that is the case then it is imperative that you understand what they are doing for you. Now that you know the basics of SEO, understand most SEO services charge via a monthly retainer, or for hourly consultation. Though it can be advantageous to agree upon a one time price based on a single project. While the best SEO firm out there will usually charge around $750-$5000 dollars per month depending on the service but we’d recommend that you pay for consultation and do it yourself. It really is a simple process and operating WordPress is quite easy.

Things To Be Suspicious Of

While SEO is a straight forward idea some firms will promise things that they simply cannot deliver.

  • Hard guarantees of results. The more they play up where you will be at the end of the first month of services the more suspicious.
  • Instant results. These things take time and you will most likely not see an increase of indexing for 6 or more months. Even longer to see a respective increase in traffic.
  • The number one spot on Google. This would be the ideal scenario but it is a large promise to fulfill.
  • Costs lower than $750 for a monthly retainer. A good SEO firm will now it’s worth and anything less than this seems desperate.
  • Link building services. These can easily be a more shady and spam based service so be careful if your firm offers to do this.

So How Much Should I Pay For SEO?

In summary, the basics of SEO are not hard to understand. Consequentially you should pay only for the services which you cannot do for yourself. Things like code manipulation and advanced techniques that could potentially backfire. However checking the basics and updating your content with proper tags and meta data isn’t something you should pay for. If you do pay for SEO services, know what you’re getting and pay more than $750 for monthly retainer fees. If there is one thing that would be the most important is that make sure you’re providing quality content with backlinks and meta tags within media and images.

Still asking yourself “How much should I pay for SEO”? Need to talk to experts on all things search engine optimization? PromoAffiliates offers free consultation services and world class service for all of our customers.



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