How To Get On Top Of Google

How To Get On Top Of Google

How To Get On Top Of Google

At PromoAffiliates we get asked a lot of questions, one of which is How To Get On Top Of Google. Now, this is both essentially an SEO issue, but its important to understand what Google looks for. When it comes to indexing visibility is important but the SEO game has changed in the recent years and Google’s AI looks for different things then it used to. We are going to cover what the basic SEO requirements are and what specific things Google looks for when ranking the pages in a search. It is also a good idea to look at what will hurt your chances of getting on top of Google.

SEO Is Your Friend

When talking about search engine ranking the only way to improve it is by search engine optimizing your website for Google’s algorithms. There are some key factors that Google will prioritize but first let’s look at the basics of SEO. This includes keyword density being high enough, meta tags being incorporated into the title of the page and its description. Of course all image sources should also have alt attributes in them with the keyword. There was once a time where backlinks to your website ruled the SEO scene but that has also changed over time. On the flip side, here is a short list of things you should avoid as well:

  • Hidden text in the background or code.
  • Spamming the keyword more than necessary.
  • Using link generators or buying backlinks from not legitimate sources.
  • Over crowding ads that affect the websites functionality and loading speed.
  • Guest post’s that either come from non authority sites or being posted on non authority sites.
  • Paid links in excess.

Speaking Google’s Language

Now, let’s focus on how to get on top of Google. There are certain measured criteria that Google’s AI RankBrain uses to rank search results. Around 15% of searches are of new content, meaning that people who use search engines are looking for new information rather than old. So one of the best ways to get on RankBrain’s good side is by answering new questions or questions that rarely get asked that pertain to your industries audience. Do your research and create quality, long-form content that addresses a common, but fresh queries within your target audience.

Another way to make sure your brand is getting visibility is by optimizing for ‘near me’ search queries. Mobile users make up a huge percentage of ambient searches and most of the time will see what is relevant to their current position or location. You must have content that is pertinent to them, at any given time, that is also relevant to their given location. Mobile searches are not brand loyal either so see this as an opportunity to nab some traffic from a source that doesn’t have any defined loyalty towards another brand. Look ahead to anticipate these micro-moments in the customer journey and meet the need. You can see more traffic and a raise in your indexing from that alone.

Consequentially, optimizing for ‘near-me’ queries does little good if your business’ current location isnt accounted for in your SEO approach. Make sure that you register your business with Google with the following information:

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • A long and original description of your business and it’s services
  • Operating hours including changes during the holidays
  • A good amount of images of the store front if you have one or local scenery if you don’t
  • Regular updates of the companies goings-on
  • Making sure you’re properly categorized

Consider Voice Search

According to Google the usage of it’s voice search function has increased times 35 since 2008. It is, of course more accessible and can provide faster results. Even though Google has updated it multiple times to account for more complex combinations and dialect just consider optimizing for this as well. What that means for you is making sure that you have clear, simply defined content that asks more direct and simple questions. Those that are spoken in a far more natural language than the one we normally use when typing into a search engine, where keywords are dominant.

Aside from voice search, your content should always be answering some sort of question that fills a customers need. Google looks at this much more heavily than keywords. Look into what sort of questions your site can answer and provide content that does just that. You want to be as succint as possible, and make sure that the title and meta description is reflective of what the question is and how you are going to answer it.

Sure-fire Ways On How To Get On Top Of Google

There are a couple of more direct ways you can drive traffic and better your sites index ranking. For example, paying for PPC ads. Pay per click ads, or ‘PPC’ work in a simple fashion. Someone visits your page, they click on an ad and you make money. However these adds can also bring customers if they feature high rated products from large brands that already have a loyal customer base.

Another way is by getting into a Google news story. There are a number of ways this can be done but one of the best ways is by creating either a resource that customers can use for free in addition to the additional content that you provide. Once you are featured in the news section implement an AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is essentially an easy access broken down version of your website that more people will have access to even if your websites mobile version isn’t optimized. However, we strongly recommend that you optimize your mobile site as well. This by itself is a ranking signal and is the basics of the basics. Most page visitors who cannot operate your mobile site will leave and Google takes this into consideration.

Still not sure how to get on top of Google? PromoAffiliates offers free consultation and world class service.


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