Top SEO Companies In The USA

Top SEO Companies In The USA

Top SEO Companies In The USA

In the past five years there has been a noticeable increase in online marketing presence and what it means to be one of the top SEO companies in the USA is changing along with the market. What constitutes a proper SEO practice has shifted from simple keyword stuffing to the measure of quality in the content itself. If you look at why the top SEO companies in the USA are listed as such you will see a combination of several factors. From proper SEO, to customer anticipation and a larger focus on online marketing as a whole. What also sets them apart is the offering of free resources and willingness to stretch out the benefit of good SEO. By looking at these things you can not only elevate your own SEO practices, but also begin to look at the end game for your own business.

What Is SEO and How Do We Utilize It?

With the rising of the smartphone the internet has become more accessible to just about everyone. With this accessibility business’ have had to look at their online presence and website marketing with a bit more scrutiny. Consequentially, if anyone can look up anything at any time and your website isn’t on the top spot of Google, odds are they wont even bother with your business. SEO, or “search engine optimization” is the basic practice of constructing your website and it’s respective content so that it shows up on the first page of Google. There are several ways business’ do this, however there are a few key things that most recently have counted higher returns on index ranking. Here is a short list:

  • Proper keyword density, too much or too little can destroy a websites ranking.
  • PPC ads, but not so many as to slow down the page or affect readability.
  • Fast loading times.
  • Long form content that is rich with media and external links.
  • Back links to and from authority websites and industry power houses.
  • Avoiding the use of guest posts, paid links, keyword stuffing, hidden text and an disabling public forum.

A combination of these things as well as a sense for market trends is the bread and butter of the top SEO companies in the USA. However, they didn’t get to that place with simple SEO practices and you can bet that they don’t hold that title without being an innovator in some way or another. If you look at what they do, and how they do it better than your average SEO firm there is a lot of potential for you learning something that will distinguish your own business as far as SEO practices go.

The Top SEO Companies In The USA

Now, lets take a look at who the number one ranked SEO company in the USA is, and how they got that recognition. According to, the top SEO companies in the USA are Boostability, Over The Top SEO and WebpageFX. Now, this particular ranking is based on revenue, full time employee count, client retention rate, on and off page optimization rate, keyword efficiency and the company’s ability to produce insightful and accurate reports on SEO projects. These things are all important, but if you take a closer look at each individual company you will see a couple of things they have in common.

Why They Are The Top SEO Companies In The USA

The biggest thing that sticks out is that all three companies manage active accounts in multiple industries. Normally it is recommended that an SEO company be more active in a single industry rather then spread themselves out, however it is possible to still be effective in multiple industries if you operate as more of a marketing focused company. All three companies offer case studies and market analysis as part of their services. This means that there is almost no product trend or market fluctuation that cannot be accounted for, and they can offer any client in any industry the same services that a more specialized SEO firm could. This increases their reach and brand recognition.

Some other factors in why these companies are the top SEO companies in the USA are a little more common sense based. They approach each customer as a unique and individual entity, with precise target marketing and customized services. The ability to be transparent about these services as well as deliver beyond customer expectations is what sets them apart not just as a SEO firm, but as a business in general. Anticipation of customer needs and the ability to craft something unique for each customer based on their market and company goals is overall what should be at the forefront of their efforts as the top SEO companies in the USA.

The Take Away

While most SEO practices are a simple method of AI manipulation and market analysis these companies take it a step further. They anticipate the clients needs, perform case studies for individual accounts and keep their efforts centered around the principles of online marketing, rather than just SEO pure practices. Your own business or start up can remain competitive simply by doing the same research and market consideration as them. Look for your customers needs and wants and form a SEO strategy that suits those needs. Check out some of the free resources offered by these companies as well. Such things like website builders, SEO ranking tools and informative blogs are all free and open sources of education that can be taken and used for your own business’ benefit.

Overall the SEO industry is simple to understand but complicated to operate in. You need to have the ability to look at online marketing as a whole if you want to set yourself and your business apart. In fact, business’ who maintain their marketing efforts even after reaching the top of Google can become influencers within their industry. This increases the chance of receiving backlinks from authority websites and driving potential business simply from maintaining a strong internet presence.

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