Shipt Ambassador Program

Shipt Ambassador Program

The Shipt Ambassador Program

The Shipt ambassador program is for individuals wanting to become an affiliate with the grocery delivery service Shipt. Being a Shipt ambassador is lots of fun and easy because everyone needs groceries. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live or what you do – you have to eat. Besides, what is easier than giving away free things? Especially things that people need.

Do Shipt ambassadors in the affiliate program get paid?

Shipt ambassadors are one of our highest paid affiliates at Promo Affiliates. The Shipt program offers you the availability to earn a monthly income by marketing a premium service that everyone already knows about. Because Shipt is such a well known and influential company, you will be able to leverage their notoriety and publicity to start earning a supplemental income starting today. When you sign up under the Shipt ambassador program you get a promo code that is assigned to you to begin using immediately. Ever time someone uses your promo code they get a percentage or dollar amount of their first month of usage.

So how do you get your code out? Promoting your Shipt promo code under the Shipt ambassador program can be done many ways, as we will discuss later. A few of those ways are through promotional card distribution, affiliate blogging, event and club promotions, and more.

Shipt Promo Codes

As mentioned earlier, when you sign-up as a Shipt Ambassador with PromoAffiliates we assign you your own promotional code. See the flow below for more info on how to start earning money with your code, today.

1. You distribute your Shipt promo code.
2. The new rider or user downloads the Shipt Application.
3. They set up their profile.
4. Upon checkout when setting up your first delivery the customer will use the promo code you have provided.

Shipt Inputs vs New Users

for payment user code must complete action. An action, in this case is an order fulfillment. Entering your code into the application is not enough for you to receive a credit. The user has to actually complete the purchase and go through with trying the service or platform.

How do I sign up for the Shipt ambassador program?

To sign up for the Shipt  ambassador and affiliate program e-mail to start your journey today. Make sure to also include your name, number and why you believe that you would be a great fit for our program.

We will also review your application promptly and if we feel that you would be a good fit for our program we will hire you immediately.

In what cities does Shipt operate?

You can find the full list of cities Shipt operates in here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see what cities Shipt is available in.

Before applying with PromoAffiliates, make sure that Uber operates in your city. If they do not you will need to be able to monetize your Uber code online through social media, blogging or other digital options.

Ways to promote my Shipt code

There are many ways to also promote your personal Shipt code. We also have outlined a few for your convenience.

  • Distributing promo cards or also materials around Grocery stores
  • News paper or flyer advertisements
  • Affiliate blogging
  • Alternative traffic sources
  • Webmaster or website space rentals and agreements
  • Have a code on your t-shirt
  • Word of mouth
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)

While promoting a Shipt promotion code can be as easy as handing out business cards, we recommend getting creative. Think of places that attract the types of individuals who would use your promo code. Consider ages, gender and other demographics as weak. The more ways you distribute your code, the more money you can receive in activations.

Other Ambassador Programs

PromoAffiliates offers a wide array of ambassador programs in different categories. Other Ambassador programs we offer are also for Postmates, Uber, Lyft, and Drizly. We are always partnering with new companies to expand our CPA portfolio and are also looking for committed individuals like you to help spread the word about these platforms.

Becoming an ambassador at PromoAffiliates can also be a great experience for you and help you to make an extra income for minimal work. We offer advice, training, help and 24/7 around the clock support to help you become as successful as possible. If you’re not winning, we are not winning – and also let me tell you, we love to win!

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