Shortcut Ambassador Program

Shortcut Ambassador Program Promotes New In-Home Haircut App

By Sean Turtle, COO PromoAffiliates – April 1, 2017 — 11:30 AM PDT


Top influencers are joining the PromoAffiliates marketing program called the Shortcut ambassador program. If you have a lot of followers on YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest, you should join one of our many programs promoting some of the top apps. Our Shortcut ambassador program will pay you for every new person who uses your promo code or link to sign up. This is just one of many apps like Uber, Postmates, Lyft, Drizly, or Skurt that we work with. Contact for your unique promo codes today!

People are excited to try apps because they know that they can get a discount or free trial for their first time. A lot of people are Googling app promo codes every day by the thousands. Get in on this amazing opportunity and read below for more details. Check out the contents and you can skip ahead.

In this article we’re going to cover who we are, what the app is about, and more details of the program. It’s really simple and I’m sure you’ll see the benefit of working with us. We basically give you a promo code that you advertise on your channels and then pay you every time someone uses your code.  Boom.

PromoAffiliates Agency

I have been working with PromoAffiliates for 3 years and we are now based in Hollywood, CA. We are a bunch of digital marketers for some of the top apps out there.  Some of our team members are so good at SEO that their content ranks higher on Google search result than the brands’ corporate website content.

We have proven methods to get our clients new users. We are currently working as part of a team that is giving 100,000 new users for Postmates every month. Our efforts for Uber promo code has generated them approximately 500,000 new users in 3 years.

We will be there for you because we do this for the people who want to try apps for the first time. Our intention is to give people free stuff. This is just one of the best ways to do it! Be a part of our efforts to help people and you will find success.

More on the Shortcut App

The Shortcut mobile barbershop platform gets you on-demand haircuts. The shortcut app allows you to basically order professionally trained barbers to any location. I’m just guessing that most people choose their home because they want to take a shower right after. As an influencer, you can easily get activations by just ordering a barber to your home as part of a video. Letting your audience see you get a haircut in fast motion or something.

I don’t have to worry much about haircuts. I’ve chosen to have dreads the last couple years and all I do is cut the sides and back. I just go down to a zero on the side in the back every couple weeks. I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair lately but I wouldn’t have anybody else cut my dreads off. My first idea was to have a bunch of friends cut off my hair at some kind of party.

I think that this is a really convenient service that people will gravitate towards. It will be easy to make money with the Shortcut ambassador program. It’s pretty boss to be able to have someone come and cut your hair. It would be funny to see somebody do that during a job interview.

Tana Mongeau Uber Promo Code

So I had the ultimate pleasure of assigning Tana her Uber promo code. Her campaign was basically a video on YouTube. Her video got almost 30,000 people to try Uber in a short amount of time. We were very surprised at these results especially when Tana made a video titled “Uber driver kidnaps me.” It’s a pretty bad bash against the brand.

I think that a lot of women were googling whether Uber was safe or not. A lot of people landed on Tana’s video because of all the press that Uber gets online. Either way, no matter how it went down, we were all happy with the results. You don’t have to have a dramatic video title but it helps. The Uber kidnap story wasn’t completely true but it was enough to get people to view the video. You can embellish your story in the title to get more clicks.

Ideal Influencer for Our Shortcut Ambassador Program

Obviously we want you to have more than 50,000 followers on one of your social media platforms. But more than followers, what’s important is how engaged and responsive your audience is. You can be creative with your content so it’s up to you what you create as long as it is within the basic guidelines with are few.

We want you to use your genuine voice and stay relevant to the content you are you have on the platform. If you make YouTube videos about top five reviews, stick with that. Just make the reviews about our brand that we are promoting.

We just got Tal Fishman of the popular YouTube channel called “Reaction Time.” He is making a video for our Uber promo code that we gave him and we know he’s going to kill it. He does reviews of videos or Internet content and that’s the perfect thing to deliver the promo code to people. They are going to his site for funny news basically. His opinions and funny remarks are what drives his view count.

Word of Mouth Advertising

One of the most important principles in marketing is the concept of word of mouth advertising. Influencer marketing is like word of mouth on steroids. Bloggers and social media icons can talk to so many people at once. People will go out and tell their friends and family about blogs. The same people will share good content on their own personal social media for everyone to see.

Called WOM and eWOM, word-of-mouth encompasses all different forms of communication. All of your content and what you were doing is all about word-of-mouth advertising. But with our programs, you are only getting paid when people take action to promo codes.

In the next section I will talk about the press and how are you can leverage what other people are saying about apps and make it your own news.

Shortcut Press

The shortcut ambassador program is all about getting activations of your promo code. If you are posting info that is discussing your opinion on a news article or something in the media, put the link to the article in the description.

Take this recent Thrillist article by Stephen Rubino. I’m linking his article here to show my credibility on the Shortcut App and hoping Google with push our website to a higher ranking on search results. So Rubino talks about how shortcut got 20,000 users in their first year of business with a compelling 40% retention rate.

The best part about the Thrillist article was the mention of last minute haircut. So many guys are into getting a haircut at the last minute because they didn’t make the plans. I’ve definitely been there in many occasions.  I can totally see is a value and I’m excited that we have our own Shortcut ambassador program.

Competition and the Shortcut Ambassador Program

I honestly don’t think that there are any other platforms for barbers to be a part of.  I think that the more pressing competition would be barbershops themselves. The retail store front of barbershops are everywhere and so another app isn’t the biggest competitor.
I know that we are the best company to have an ambassador program. Join us to make sure that you earn the highest bounty on activations of the best apps. Our Uber promotions are very exciting. Even more so are the amount of activations we’re bringing in for Postmates.


Like I said above, if you are interested in joining any of our programs and you want your own unique promo codes, contact We are very excited for these campaigns because we know that there are going to be some epic results! It is an exciting time to be a social media influencer or popular blogger.

It is such a pleasure to share the wealth and invite people into such an amazing business opportunity. We are so excited to work with big into influencers more excited to help people try these apps for the first time.

This is the time where we are in political uncertainty and it’s important to let your voice be heard. If you are an influencer a blogger you have the ability to make your word known to a wide audience. It’s important what you put out there so we feel like promos are a good thing. Give the people what they want.

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