Shortcut is an amazing on demand service for grooming. You want to get a haircut and you don’t know where to go? Use this app. This app connects men to amazing top class barbers from 8 am to midnight. There is one problem though! This app is only available on iOS. But it will be coming soon on android devices. So if you are one of the people who use iOS and you are really busy, this app is for you! It makes the shave and grooming less time consuming! Use the promo code XXXX to get more discounts on your first use of this app!


Using this app is very easy! The only issue is that its just available on iOS not on android, so if you are an iPhone user, keep reading! Basically what you do is, you download the app from the market. Install it and set up your account with all the details. After setting up the account all you need to do is setup an appointment with the barber you like. You can choose the day, timings everything! You can even setup the meeting in advance. Also, you can try as many barbers available and then choose which one is your favorite and then he can be your guy! Also when you are checking out, use the promo code “ XXXX” for getting a big discount on your first order.


The haircuts in the app comes at different prices. The average is about 50$. Clipper cuts is about 40$ and shaving costs around 15$.They also offer a cool in-pp discount for when you schedule multiple haircuts for one appointment. So basically it’s a cheaper deal if you order in bulk. Like lets take an example. You and your friend want to get a haircut. Use this app and order for both of you guys. It gets cheaper and easier. You don’t have to go anywhere. The barber comes to your place and does all the things you want him to do. Also you can use the promo code “XXXX” and get more discounts on your first order. Payment is done by cards only. You can’t pay it via cash so you need to connect your card in the app. They accept all the major cards.


Tips aren’t included in the payment and obviously its not mandatory but if you want to tip then because you liked their art so much you can. It all depends on you. Once your haircut is over the app will ask you to please provide a quick review of your barber. Tell them what you liked and what you didn’t. After the review, you do for the barber the app will then provide you with the option to give a tip or not. If you really work and you tip them, you can be their regular customer.


You can of course cancel at any time. Shortcut understands life can come with surprises. If the haircut is canceled ten minutes after choosing the next available barber or within four hours of the chosen appointment there will be a fee. The fee however is 50%. This is due to the fact if the barber gets his appointment schedule he could have had another one scheduled for that time instead. So it is only fair that he would get at least 50 percent of what he would have made.


All of the barbers on Shortcut are licensed and experienced grooming professionals. These barbers are all very passionate about their craft. Our barbers have worked at some of the most popular barber shops and salons in New York City and Los Angeles. Every barber has been handpicked, vetted and trained to deliver an amazing premium grooming experience with Shortcut. One of them is Pedro. He’s worked at some of the most distinguished shops around. And, like all Shortcut barbers, he’s licensed, vetted and insured. Ahh, peace of mind. Some of the reviews are here as follows:

“It’s the best service. And this is the first time my hair has a style. I think that says it all.”

“Where else can you schedule a haircut at 8am or 11pm without a wait? I’m never going back to a barbershop.”

“I love Shortcut! It saves time and you get a better haircut without the wait and hassle.”

You can find more reviews on their website :


If you have a passion for cutting and styling hair. You may have a job waiting for you at Shortcut. They currently have a application process they run off of their site at that you can fill out. If you have any questions about the process or need help with the process at all you can reach out to Shortcut via email. You just have to email and they will respond in a timely manner.


If for whatever reason you end up unsatisfied with the service provided to you from Shortcut. You can definitely contact Shortcut and speak to the customer experience team. The number to contact them with is 212.252.2083. You can also email them at and be sure to let them know every detail of the issue. It’s best to do this within 48 hours of the when the haircut took place. If the issue is valid they can either refund you or send the barber back to fix the issue


Not only is Shortcut great for a single haircut appointment and for a small group of friends. But you can also schedule appointments for larger events with more people. They do weddings, corporate engagements, and all kinds of special events. Not only that but you could also purchase an appointment for a friend or family member as a gift as well. Just visit their gift page at to choose what you’d like to order. They also provide gift cards that start at $25 and up. A perfect gift for those you love.  Let them know as well to use Shortcut coupon to save even more on their first hair cut!


This is kind of Uber for haircuts. This is a very unique app. Amazing and easy service for all the busy men who need premium services quickly. And who don’t have time for their grooming.  Saving all the driving time alone is worth it. Don’t forget as well to use Shortcut coupon to save big on your first haircut.

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