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Have you ever needed to borrow a car on short notice? We never plan for this to happen but sometimes things just don’t go our way. Fortunately, there is a business that can lend you a car on short notice. Skurt is designed to be straightforward and easy to use. It is designed for people who wouldn’t mind paying a bit more to avoid all the hassle of renting a car. So if you are looking for the new way to rent vehicles, come and check out Skurt. I am sure you will like what you see.

With this Coupon, you can save thirty dollars off your first rental. That is quite the amount of savings!

The coupon is: PA2, input this code at checkout

There were many times in the past where I wish I knew about Skurt. One time in particular would be when my car battery died as I was about to leave for work. It was a very important day at work and I could not be late that day. Fortunately, I was able to call a technician to get my car started and I was able to get to work at a reasonable time. However, my ordeal would have been much easier to deal with had I known about Skurt. I would have preferred to just be able to get to work and worry about my car battery later.

Since then, I have used Skurt a couple of times. Each time the process was easy and I have had little problems with the vehicles I was given. I would strongly recommend Skurt to my friends. In fact, I already have!

How does this service work?

First, you start by downloading the Skurt app from the app store. After registering and inputting your information, you are all ready to go! When you open the app, you’ll first input your location, the type of car you want, when you want it, and someone will deliver their car right to you. From that point they will hand you the keys and you are free to use the car for as long as you signed up for.

How did this all start?

Skurt was started by the idea that the car rental industry is dominated by three big companies who over charge and have poor service. What Uber did to the taxi industry is similar to what Skurt is doing to the car rental industry. The man behind all of this is Harry Hurst, a boy genius who has been running businesses since a very young age. He set out to change the way we go about renting cars and so far he is successful. His idea for the company came about through negative experiences he had traveling. He hated being hit with underage fees for renting a car and the terrible customer experience. Through all of this, he came about with the solution that is Skurt.

This all sounds nice but how much does it cost?

When you check out, the price of your booking will be laid out for you. One thing that is nice is that there are no hidden costs, what you see is what you pay. For example, to rent a Toyota Corolla for two days, it would cost twenty-nine dollars a day plus the delivery fee and taxes. The total would come to less than ninety dollars. That seems like a very reasonable price. In the app, you can play around with the interface to find the options that suite you best. Somedays you’ll want to rent a bigger SUV while other times you will just want simple car. Again, the pricing might be similar to what car rental companies are offering but the added convenience that Skurt offers is totally worth it.

How are the cars?

The cars are new and modern. Skurt has a lot of options that range from Sedans, SUVs to fancier cars like the Mercedes. They are identical to the options that you would have at a regular car rental place. Really, if you are renting a car for a short period of time, you don’t care too much about how fancy it is, you just need it to work. Skurt doesn’t actually own any inventory but they offer customers fleet vehicles. These vehicles are bit more reliable due to the regular maintenance and checkups that they receive.

Also, all cars on Skurt are less than two years old! Basically, you are not getting someone’d old and beat up vehicle. You will know that your vehicle will always work. In the event that something does go wrong though, Skurt will always be willing to help out with the situation. Their customer service information is easy to find and they are very responsive.

How is this better than renting a car, the regular way?

When you rent a car from a place like the airport, you will most likely have to wait in line and complete a large amount of paperwork. Let’s say that you land at LAX and you want to rent a car. It would most likely be about an hour before you are on your way. It might not seem like a long time but if you are busy and need the convenience, that one hour could actually be a lot of time. If you chose to rent through a regular car rental agency, you could be in the office for an uneccesary amount of time.

What seems like it should be an easy process is actually quite tedious. With Skurt, you can have your car waiting for you when you land. All you have to do is select which terminal you will be landing in and a Skurt agent will be awaiting your arrival.

After you have used your vehicle, you just pick up the Skurt agent near the airport and they will take care of the rest. It really is that easy! Usually when you return your car to a rental agency, you have to stay and wait for them to inspect the vehicle you rented and fill out more paperwork but not with Skurt, once you drop off the car, you are free to go!

Business friends

A lot of my friends who are in Los Angeles on business trips use Skurt. It is great for them when they are just in Los Angeles for the day and don’t need a car for a long period of time. With Skurt they can receive their car, do their business and return it without all the hassle of renting a car through a rental company.

I actually had a friend try Skurt for the first time recently and they were really impressed. They really enjoyed the convenience and appreciated the lack of paperwork.  Sometimes, they are in Los Angeles for less than six hours. They simply cannot afford to deal with all of the inconveniences of car rental companies if they are on that sort of time constraint. After a long flight, most people just want the rest of the day to go as smoothly as possible and Skurt definitely helps in that regard.

Under 25

If you are under the age of 25, you can still rent a car with Skurt. Most car rental companies either require that the renter be at least twenty-five years of age or their rental will be at an increased rate. There are ways to get around those types of fees but it is a huge hassle. You don’t want to pay extra just for being young, do you? With Skurt, if you are over the age of twenty-one, you can use it! Through the app, you can even scan your driver’s license to determine your eligibility to rent a car. This information is stored to make future transactions seamless.


Currently, Skurt operates in various parts of California and Miami. If you want Skurt to operate in your city, do not be afraid to let them know. They are always looking to expand where there is demand. While they have no given any specifics, Skurt does plan to expand to other cities in the United States. Soon people everywhere will have the option to use Skurt’s car service and those people will not have to deal with rental companies anymore.

Tell friends

If you already use Skurt, why not tell your friends about it? With the code provided, you can help them save as well. Soon the people you know will also be using Skurt when they are in immediate need of a vehicle. Again, I strongly recommend using Skurt for your immediate vehicular needs. Spread around the coupon and help others save today! As long as I have Skurt, I will never rent from a car rental agency again. I am not dealing with the lines, the unnecessary paperwork and the poor customer service ever again! Regular car rental agencies still have their uses but for short rentals, Skurt blows all of the other options out of the water.

Input “PA2” at checkout to save!

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