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Many people have rented a car at one point or another in their lives. No one LIKES renting a car. The contracts, the fees, the requirements…not to mention the fact that you are driving a vehicle that doesn’t belong to you, and if it’s damaged, scratched, dented or it’s quality degraded in any way, you have to pay for it. Personally, I don’t like having that kind of responsibility, and I know most people are with me. There’s even a Seinfeld episode about crappy car rentals.

But in my opinion, there is one thing about the car rental industry that’s amazing. And by amazing, I mean not in a good way. The car rental industry has stayed the exact same for years, and seen very few developments. It’s almost like the DMV, but the incompetency comes from private companies instead of lazy government. Not that long ago, I had to rent a car to drive out to Las Vegas. The rules, forms, and everything was STILL the same.

Well FINALLY, a company has come along as flipped the car rental industry upside down.

Skurt, and the Skurt CPA campaign

Ahh, car rentals will never be the same again…and good freakin riddance for that! Skurt is a smartphone app that allows you to rent a vehicle on the spot whenever you need it. Everything is done through the app, including driver’s license information. And the absolute best part, is that they will deliver it right to you! No more having to take a taxi or bum a ride to the rental place!

But Skurt is still relatively small, for the amazing service that they provide. And if you’re like me, then you want to see something like that available everywhere. That dream can become a reality, if they get some help from people like me and you. And you can help by joining the Skurt CPA campaign.

What is the Skurt CPA campaign?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the two rideshare giants in the United States, Lyft and Uber. Well, the companies have more in common than just the type of service they provide. From what I’ve gathered, both of them can attribute their monumental growth to affiliate programs like this. And the Skurt CPA campaign works very similarly to Lyft and Uber’s.

And in case you don’t know what it is, then I’ll give you a short explanation. CPA stands for cost per activation. Someone gives the customer a promo code. The customer then uses that code for their first use of the service it’s tailored to. And because they entered the coupon, they get their first use of the service either for free or with a huge discount.

This is, once again, the form of advertising that enabled Lyft and Uber to become as popular as they are today. They did this without taking out a bunch of magazine ads or TV spots. In other words, they used this in favor of traditional advertising, and it worked. The ‘try before you buy’ method isn’t new, and it’s a proven technique.

However, I left out what I‘m sure will be your most favorite part. If you happen to be the ‘someone’ that gave the customer that promo code, then you get paid too.

Joining the Skurt CPA campaign

No doubt you want to get in on this lucrative program. To join the Skurt CPA campaign, write an email and sent it to

What should I put in my Skurt CPA campaign email?

If you’re worried about having the right things to include, then rest easy. You don’t need to include a formal resume, or a qualification essay. The Skurt CPA program is a lot less red tape-ridden than most of your standard occupations.

But you WILL need to write why you want to get into the Skurt CPA program. Again, we’re not looking for anything super in-depth, though if you include that then more power to you. It doesn’t even matter if you’re just joining the Skurt CPA program to make some money.

What IS important, however, is some modicum of convincing that you’re the right person for the job. As long as you are willing to put in the necessary work, and learn the things you need to learn, then you should have no trouble with this.

Before you apply for the Skurt CPA campaign, there’s something you should know. This is NOT an hourly-paying job, and there is no monthly/weekly salary. The SKurt CPA campaign pays you only based on how many new customers use your promo code. If no customers use your code, you don’t get paid anything.

However, if 1,000 customers use your promo code, you get paid 1,000 times over. If 10,000 utilize it, then you get money times 10,000. And so on. So as you can see, the potential for payouts in the Skurt CPA campaign is very high, and virtually limitless.

What exactly makes Skurt better than regular car rental?

This is probably good information for you to have. After all, if you’re going to be in the Skurt CPA program you should know what it’s strong points are.

For starters, there’s the big thing I already mentioned: Skurt will deliver your car rental right to you. But other than that, it has many other strong points that make it superior to normal car rental companies.

Have you ever rented a car before you turned twenty five years old? Well, at most places you would have to pay a hefty fee for being too young in their eyes. Well, Skurt has done away with the infamous, dreaded ‘under 25 fee.’ This will leave you with lots more cash in your pocket after it’s all done.

Furthermore, Skurt guarantees that you will get a car that is no more than two years old. The last time I rented a car, I got a beat-up old Mazda. Someone had completely pried the plastic door locker away, leaving a metal screw sticking up vertically in it’s wake. With Skurt, you won’t have to worry about getting an ancient rust bucket as your vehicle. A good selling point for the Skurt CPA campaign.

And of course, there’s the fact that everything is done through the app itself. This includes entering info, taking a snapshot of your driver’s license, and everything else. People these days don’t want to go down to Hertz or Enterprise and fill papers out. They want to do it fast, and with as little paper as possible. And if they’re smart, they will use the Skurt CPA campaign code the first time they do it.

What are some good ways I can pass my code out for the Skurt CPA campaign?

Unfortunately, you won’t have as large of an audience as you would for, say, the Lyft ambassador program. There just aren’t as many people that need to rent a car as there are that just need a quick ride from point A to point B. But that should not stop you from getting into the Skurt CPA campaign. There are, after all, many people who either travel frequently, or just need a rental for whatever reason. But if you’re interested in out Lyft ambassador program, or any of our other affiliate campaigns for that matter, mention them in your email to

Due to the infrequency with which people usually rent cars, good old fashioned in-person ambassador work isn’t recommended here. If you have an idea of how to mane it work, then by all means, use it for the Skurt CPA campaign. But if it were me, I would stick to online-based affiliate marketing for the Skurt CPA campaign. As the Canadians say, fill ‘yer boots, bud.

A bit about doing the Skurt CPA campaign online

Veterans to ambassador programs will already have an idea how to do this. But for those of you who are new, there are a few different ways to approach online Skurt CPA campaign work. The most popular, and probably highest return potential, is starting an online affiliate blog.

This means putting together a decent website with easy navigation for users. Again, the more work put into this the better. But the more you know about website setup, the better you will do too. After all, a site with nothing but your Skurt promo code won’t draw many people.

Once that’s done, it’s a matter of consistent updates with good content. A good understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) will do you a world of good here. Because without it, you won’t be drawing anywhere near as much traffic as you could be. And everyone searching for Skurt promo codes will find other people’s before they get to yours. That is Skurt CPA campaign money that could be going into your pocket, but isn’t. So the more you understand SEO, the better you will do with the Skurt CPA campaign.

But don’t just take my word for it

But my word is definitely not law when it comes to this stuff Think you might have some other ideas how to do work for the Skurt CPA campaign? I encourage you to explore those options and see if they work well. We at PromoAffiliates WANT you to succeed, because your success means growth for Skurt. So if you’re ready to make lots of money doing your own thing, then get in touch with us. Email at about the Skurt CPA campaign!

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