Top Youtube Stars – Video Revived the Radio Star

There are many ways that brands and agencies connect with top YouTube stars and influencers.  In short, a lot of them are through programmatic platforms or search engines that are masterfully engineered. So, the return on investment is measured by marketers on the amount of engagement that people have with content like shares, likes, comments Read more about Top Youtube Stars – Video Revived the Radio Star[…]

How Social Media Impacts SEO

How Social Media Impacts SEO Does social media impact SEO? Google has noted many times that their algorithms do not consider social media signals in their rankings. However, even with that said, it does not mean that social media sites do not contribute to your websites overall performance in Googles search engine. Confusing? We know. Read more about How Social Media Impacts SEO[…]

Creative Social Media Marketing

The Importance of Creative Social Media Marketing Creative social media marketing allows you to utilize known concepts and proven tactics to engage with your customers, followers or subscribers. In 2017 almost everyone and their mother, cousin, sister and brother have every social media network available (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etc). Because of this they have been Read more about Creative Social Media Marketing[…]

Social Media Marketing & Growth

How to Grow Your Business & Increase Your Sales with Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is a powerful tool that connects millions of people around the world seamlessly to their technology. Whether it be a phone, a tablet or a computer, it’s safe to say that it can transform any business entity into a Read more about Social Media Marketing & Growth[…]

Never Buy Facebook Likes

Why You Should Never Buy Facebook Likes More often than not when acquiring new company’s business, we get questions about using social media networks to boost their presence – specifically, if they should buy Facebook likes.  Simply put you should never buy Facebook likes So what’s the big deal? Allow us to explain. It’s no Read more about Never Buy Facebook Likes[…]

Instagram Influencers and Micro Influencers – Top Social Media

The smaller subset of Instagram influencers with less than 50,000 followers are being called micro-influencers and they can be relatively anyone. There are now ad businesses where anyone with a social media account can sign up to receive free products from brands seeking reviews. Two of the biggest, BzzAgent and Influenster have almost 3 million Read more about Instagram Influencers and Micro Influencers – Top Social Media[…]

Social Media Influencers Promote Brands – Affiliate Marketing

Part of the explanation of the surge in social media influencer marketing is due to the level of trust that people have with Internet celebrities. Popular bloggers speakers and creative’s are more trusted than regular celebrities.  This could be a notion of relate ability. Celebrity seem far away and distant. To learn more or you Read more about Social Media Influencers Promote Brands – Affiliate Marketing[…]