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Airbnb ambassadors could never imagine some of the things that Airbnb has showed me.  I will get to my story later in this piece. For now I want to let you know that we are looking for experience digital marketers to be Airbnb ambassadors.  Contact for info.  Our affiliate program has great commissions and is very easy to be a part of. We want to work with popular blogs and people who do search engine marketing. Whether natural or paid, you can benefit from this and a lot of our campaigns.

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All of our affiliates or ambassadors work with multiple merchants. This is because you do not want to put all of your eggs in one basket.  We want to make your content worth all of your effort so we will maximize you with different campaigns.

A lot of our campaigns are with start ups that offer a free trial or discount for the first time. We see an important surgeon this trend because it seems less commitment than buying a product or committing to a regular service.   With more and more people on their phones and on-demand being very popular, we see that Airbnb Ambassadors can do very well.

People are trying to travel on a budget and Airbnb help with that. You have the ability to search for your accommodations based on your price range. Please leave your feedback and comments in the section below. We want to hear what you have to say about Airbnb ambassadors and also about our site in general. This feedback is very helpful for us.

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