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There are many different email blast companies with software like this.  They can be overwhelming and trying to choose a company to work with.  We have used a variety of different companies including mailchimp and more.  I found out the hard way ones that Google prevents a lot of spamming. I was never one to commit to spamming but I was trying some marketing experiments and needed to contact a lot of people in a short amount of time.


If You Build Email Blast Effectively, They Will Come

This company StreamSend in the screenshot below,  helps with lead generation with their software.

email blast

Email blast trials are important to get the word out and you need a third-party company. You can also use Google analytics integration and measure the effectiveness of some email blast  experiments.  The email blast is frowned upon but all of us have spam folders nowadays and most of it goes automatically there.

I’m trying to think back on the biggest email blast I was a part of. Nowadays you use blind copy so no one can see who else is on the email chain. I can remember before people use blind copy and I would see myself on huge list or email blast.


I just got a new iPhone and when I connected my email, my brother was shocked at how many unread messages I had. It’s something like 22,000. He thought that I’m going to hit some type of limit. But I assured him that Google is giving me way more space than 20,000 emails. It is a lot but the number comes from years of not opening promotions or  social emails.

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