Street Team Tips & Tricks

Hi! Welcome to the Promo Affiliates street team tip video. We’re gonna show you some of the best tips from our top promoters on how to get your activation’s way up. Street pro tip number 1, find the highest traffic areas. Obvious, events like ball games, bars, festivals are great. What about office buildings? Those folks order a lot. Also, locate yourself where people are walking by like a boardwalk, so people can come to you. Street pro tip number two, face your body away from people and hand them the card. You’re giving them something for free, so act like it. It’s a lot less intrusive. It shows that you can leave at any moment because you have a lot of people to give free codes away to. Don’t waste your time talking to one person all day. Street trip number three, stay positive! For every 100 people you encounter, you’re gonna find one or two negative Nancy’s. But don’t let that bring you down. You’re out here to make money, have fun, and best of all get activation’s. If you stay positive, you’re gonna bring up your day and maybe someone else also. Street tip number four, have fun! You’re your own boss. Get out there and make it yours. Also, having fun is attractive. It can pay off for you as well. If people see how much fun you’re having, they’re gonna ask and wanna get involved too. For every referral you bring you get $100 after they get their first $1000. So have fun, and let people know they can have fun too. You never know, if you meet someone and refer them, you can go together and promote for Promo Affiliates. Thank you so much for watching! Look forward to more tips and never forget to hit us up if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks again guys. We can’t wait to see your epic success.

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