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Hi! This is Sean with Promo Affiliates. Congratulations on making it this far. This video will hopefully answer all the most frequently asked questions we get when affiliates like you join and start their epic journey. Promo Affiliates is the biggest and best cpa/PPA affiliate agency in the world. Right now, we are running a ton of promotions where we hand out promo codes with free first time rides, food grocery delivery, and more! All from some of the biggest apps in the world. Every time someone uses your unique promo code, you get paid. Giving out free stuff is a tough job but someone’s got to do it. Pain upon the campaign in your city your commissions can be as big as forty dollars per activation. An activation is when someone gets a free trial with your unique code. Some of the top promoters hit thousands of activation’s per week. So if you do the math, this can be a lot more lucrative than a flat rate or hourly gig. Most importantly this works into your schedule as you can work when and where you want. High traffic areas have been good technique for our promoters. Double dipping is when you work while you’re having fun like at bars, clubs, ballgames, events, festivals and more. So yes, this is the closest to getting paid to live that you can get. Feel free to get creative as you want and put your promo codes on posters, coasters, promo cards and more. Some apps even offered to ship cards directly to you to get you started at no cost. Aside from keeping you up to date with weekly reports on the leader-board site, we will support you any way we can for your continued success. Again, congratulations we only look for the best here at promo affiliates. We look forward to your continued success. Please Never hesitate to let us know how we can help because only together, imagine what we could do.

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