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Unless you live in the Himalayan mountains somewhere, you probably already know what Uber is. In fact, we have pretty much reached the point where it’s name is synonymous with rideshare. You hear it referenced to in movies, TV shows, and stories. Who knows, maybe the very name Uber will become public domain, like Kleenex or Band Aid or Q-tip.

Therefore, I won’t waste your time explaining what Uber is. Instead, I’ll get right down to the grit of things. There’s probably a reason why you’re here. You want to know about the Uber CPA campaign.

The Uber CPA campaign

There’s a reason that this company is currently at the top of the rideshare app food chain. Well, it might not be the sole reason, but it is certainly one of the biggest ones. After all, let’s not pretend that shrewd business decisions and genius-level marketing didn’t play a part in their rise to the top.

Anyways, the Uber CPA campaign is the same as any other affiliate program. And for those of you who don’t already know, CPA stands for cost per activation.

“Cost of what?” well, there’s two different things that cost. First, there is the cost of the discount that a new customer gets when they enter it during their first Uber ride. That’s the entire appeal behind it; the customer gets a discount, and Uber hopefully gets a loyal user.

The second cost is one you’re probably a bit more interested in. And that’s the cost of paying you for uniting the customer with the promo code.

So hold on, the Uber CPA campaign pays me?

That’s right. The Uber CPA campaign doesn’t expect you to promote it for free now, do they? Every new user that they get through this is a bit of growth for their business. And you should rightly be rewarded for contributing to that growth. Therefore, the Uber CPA campaign pays out for people who get your promo codes out there.

One thing is for sure: this form of advertising absolutely works. It’s this kind of thing that helped Lyft grow as much as it did. And in large part, it also helped Uber reach it’s worldwide status. But in order for it to work, the Uber CPA campaign needs people like you in order to drive it forward.

The Uber CPA campaign and PromoAffiliates

I’m pleased to be able to tell you that PromoAffiliates is assisting Uber with their ambassador program. We will be cooperating side by side to help them reach their fullest potential as far as company growth goes. We have been working with Uber for years now, and are happy to be recruiting for their Uber CPA campaign.

PromoAffiliates has established relationships with many other startups and businesses. Some other notable names include Postmates, Doordash, Drizly, and many others. And we are glad to be able to step up our efforts with the Uber CPA campaign

What exactly is PromoAffiliates?

There was a TechCrunch article written about PromoAffiliates that puts it quite simply. Basically, we are “a startup that distributes promo codes for other startups.” We’ve been doing this for the Uber CPA campaign for a while now, though.

Years ago, PromoAffiliates founder and CEO Aaron Leupp was a promoter for clubs and bars while living in Los Angeles. Realizing that there was more money to be made promoting for startups, he began doing that full time. During that time, he noticed that it was difficult for people looking to become ambassadors for startups to get in touch with the right people or go through the right channels to do so. So he created PromoAffiliates to fill that void, and we still do that today.

I’ve heard enough; how do I join the Uber CPA campaign?

To get in on the Uber CPA campaign, send us an email at aaron@promoaffiliates.com. You will need to say which affiliate program you wish to be entered into. In this case, of course, you will be mentioning the Uber CPA program. However, PromoAffiliates oversees many other ambassador programs as well. If you want to join more than one, then let us know in the same email.

If you are familiar with our other affiliate programs, this would be a good place to mention any experience you have. The names of startups you’ve been an ambassador for, and if possible your activation numbers.

But what if I don’t have any experience?

Don’t worry if you’re completely new to this. We welcome people with no experience to apply as well. This is something that just about anybody can learn, without a degree or a class. As long as you are willing to put the work in that’s needed, you will do just fine with the Uber CPA campaign. And this means putting the time in, and being willing to learn about the trade.

But there’s something you need to keep in mind if you’re considering starting out here. The Uber CPA campaign pays you based on how many activations your Uber promo code sees. This means that if no one uses your code, then you don’t get paid anything. This means that if you don’t put in any of the work, you don’t make any of the money.

No Minimum wage

If you’re hoping for some sort of minimum wage, then this isn’t that kind of job. However, you have the potential to make WAY MORE money than you would with a standard job. In fact, some guys doing this are pulling in over a hundred thousand dollars every month. I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot better than sitting around and getting minimum wage. And if you’re a go-getter, than the Uber CPA campaign can do the same for you!

What happens once I’m in the Uber CPA campaign?

Once you’re in, we send you an Uber promo code. This is your very own code with a code unique to your profile. This is also what you’re going to use to get paid. Once you get it, you need to share your promo code with as many people as possible. Because again, every time someone uses it, you make money.

How you share it with people is entirely up to you. Ridesharing is a very convenient, efficient, an in some cases very cheap service. It’s certainly cheaper than some of the alternatives, like traditional taxis. Pretty much everyone at some point in their life is in need of a ride form point A to point B. And for every one of those people that uses your code, the Uber CPA campaign pays you.

File illustration picture showing the logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone next to the picture of an official German taxi sign in Frankfurt, September 15, 2014. A Frankfurt court earlier this month instituted a temporary injunction against Uber from offering car-sharing services across Germany. San Francisco-based Uber, which allows users to summon taxi-like services on their smartphones, offers two main services, Uber, its classic low-cost, limousine pick-up service, and Uberpop, a newer ride-sharing service, which connects private drivers to passengers – an established practice in Germany that nonetheless operates in a legal grey area of rules governing commercial transportation. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach/Files (GERMANY – Tags: BUSINESS EMPLOYMENT CRIME LAW TRANSPORT)

What are some ways I can get my Uber promo code out there?

There is any number of ways for you to reach as many people as possible. By far the most popular (and in my opinion most profitable) option is online. However, this is also the most difficult option. It’s easy to spend hours on it, not realize you’re doing it wrong and have wasted all that time. But done right, your Uber CPA campaign numbers will soar.

You can also do it the old fashioned way; that is, hand it out in person or use bulletin boards. This way is easier, especially for those who aren’t great with computers.

I’ll be doing a short elaboration on both of these methods here. If you’re new to the Uber CPA campaign, read on.

Old school

Ambassador marketing has been done for decades. And you can still see quite a bit of success from it. There are, after all, many places where people can benefit from a discounted ride to their destination. Just a brief thought and you’ll probably come up with a dozen places to pass your code out at. Bars, coffee shops, etc. are all full of people who will gladly make use of it. And the Uber CPA campaign will reward you for your efforts.

If you find a place with a bulletin board, this is another good option. Just be sure to ask permission from whoever owns the establishment. You don’t want to deal with people being angry you left things behind without their permission, after all.

Online affiliate marketing for the Uber CPA campaign

Like I said before, this is more profitable, but also more difficult. If you’re not careful you’ll waste time and maybe even money doing this. It’s important to make sure you’re doing it right.

Sometimes people will start their own affiliate blog. This takes a lot of work. But it’s also how the people who make loads of money usually do it. This involves setting up a website, making sure it looks nice, then consistently adding quality content. And the content has to rank well for Google’s search list, or else no one will use your code.

That alone is another science, since they constantly update their listing method.
Or, you can rent ad space or sponsored content on someone else’s site. This is much easier, but it also costs money. So if you don’t make more than you spend, you’re just wasting cash.

End notes on the Uber CPA campaign

Remember, these ideas are just ideas. Granted, they are proven methods, but if you have some other ideas, then give them a try. Because if it works, and you’re the first person to do it, it will put you on top of everyone else. So if you want to do something that can potentially make you retirement kind of money, send us an email at aaron@promoaffiliates.com and ask about joining the Uber CPA campaign!

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