UberEATS Referral Program Food Delivery Credit New App


Like most referral programs, the UberEATS referral program  allows new users the opportunity to get a discount for their first time. The user who referred that version also get the credit for food delivery. This win win win situation is great for Uber as well who has acquired a new customer. We have been tracking this type of program for a few years here at PromoAffiliates.   If you are interested in partnering with us, we should talk! We are looking for experienced digital advertising specialist. If you are experienced in search engine optimization we could really use you.

uber-eats-promo-picUbereats referral program

UberEATS Referral Program


If one were slick enough they could refer enough people to eat for free every day. This type of loophole is one of the reasons for the rise in popularity. People asked me that they will be able to refer a lot of people and some do.

With the UberEATS referral program,  you can see the trend where people often are on the verge of trying it but just haven’t taken the step. It takes the suggestion of a friend or acquaintance for them to finalize the sign up. It may even take more persuasion for them to actually try the service.


One way to test programs like the UberEATS referral program  is to see how popular it is. If it is popular, then you know that there is probably a certain level of quality in the service. This is evident because people wouldn’t suggest something that didn’t have quality.


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