How to Get Startups Featured in Publications

how to get startups featured in publications

One of the best methods to earning more revenue and developing a customer base for a business’s online market campaign is to get the brand featured in major media publications. And when contemplating how to get startups featured in publications, it can’t just be any publication out there, but the renown, globally-recognized publishers; the ones that reach millions of audience members on a monthly basis.

Entrepreneurs, of course, find the thought enticing, with all the potential visibility. But how does a blooming entrepreneur transform potential into reality? It doesn’t have to be just a pipe dream for all the small business owners out there. In fact, becoming viewed in a major publication is more feasible than most would think. How to get startups featured in publications can be broken down into a step-by-step process.

What Are The Benefits?

The first crucial step in the process is to take a good look at the benefits that can come with getting featured in a chief media publication.

  • Brand Awareness: Though brand awareness can be difficult to gauge, even subtly increasing coverage and depth of audience will almost always be advantageous for any brand.
  • Reputation and Clout: Getting featured in a renown publication will earn business owners bragging rights and automatic clout by affiliation with said publication. Simply displaying logos of publications that the brand has been featured on, typically in an “As Seen On” section of landing pages, can increase conversion rates for potential customers and clients.
  • Referral Traffic: Earning a backlink from a major publication can bring a brand’s website a plethora of more referral traffic than ever seen before for them, and can typically last as long as the article is online, which is almost always indefinitely.
  • Domain Authority: Because Google quantifies authority based on both quantity and quality of inbound links that direct to a brand’s website, coverage on huge publications are more often than not accompanied by a link to the brand, which benefits the brand’s organic-search ranking considerably.
  • Ongoing Rapport with Publisher: Because a business owner is building rapport with a publisher, this also stimulates positive relationships with the publisher, and therefore more opportunities in the future, as well as contact with potential publishers that are even more popular with the aforementioned one due to an improved portfolio.

In order to obtain this major coverage for a global media publication, there are two options for the budding entrepreneur. The first is to hire an outside company to do it for them (something like a PR firm), but this can disadvantage small businesses with limited expenses. The other option is to do it on their own, which is where these five DIY steps come into play on how to get startups featured in publications.

  1. Building A Foundation

Getting started is always the most challenging aspect of any business development and exposure. Taking care of one’s own site should be the first priority before even considering getting featured in a major publication, as this is essential for not just building a reputation, but a positive one that wows potential customers.

One way this can be started is by creating a blog for the website and publishing high-quality content about topics related to the brand’s industry (yes, we just went meta here). The blog can function as a portfolio for an initial audience, so it is crucial that is be meticulous, well-written, and have as few errors as possible, both in knowledge accuracy and grammar/spelling. Beginning with at least ten articles is generally a good idea, and be sure they embody the expertise and insight of the business owner that is unique to them.

  1. Social Media

Managing social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn is another meaningful way to get the attention of a renown publisher. And this is more than including one’s business in their career on their Facebook profile; this is having a large and active social media following on a separate business page. Having an impactful social media presence is essential, as it gives the brand credibility, and also attracts publishers as well as advertisers if they know they can reach a significant amount of people. It’s a win-win for all parties involved.

  1. Begin Locally

After establishing a social media presence and a blog with high-quality content, it will be a good time to reach out to some publications that one desires to be featured on. National publications will more than likely be out of reach initially, which is why business owners must start locally, especially with niche publishers that tailor to the brand’s specific industry and demographics, and also helps eliminate potential competition.

The process can be started by reaching out to target publications used by big competitors with Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Begin the conversation, reach out to them, build rapport, and even if they are not interested, show enthusiasm and ask for helpful tips or tricks.

  1. Promote

The next step in the process is to increase both quality and quantity of content on the brand’s blog, and to also keep social media audiences engaged by announcing new blogs, posting interesting and new material, and gauging their feedback and integrating their feedback into the business model. It is also important to build and maintain any relationships with current publishers whom the owner has already worked with, and start working their way up to more prominent publishers. It’s like climbing a latter; start small and slowly climb upwards.

  1. Make Killer Pitches

The final step in our process of how to get startups featured in publications is to finally reach out to those major publications once the brand has reached an acceptable audience size and publisher diversity.

One of the most important factors in making awesome pitches to huge publishers is change of perspective; don’t let the publisher believe they are doing the brand a favor, but make them believe the brand is doing THEM a favor by outlining how the brand can be beneficial to the publisher and bring in more audiences. Owners can also review what content is most popular on the publications they have their eyes on using analysis tools such as BuzzSumo. Also remember to create inventive and original pitches that will engage and attract the publisher’s audience that will drive page views and shares.

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