The Top SEO Mistakes

The Top SEO Mistakes

The Top SEO Mistakes on The Web

Because PromoAffiliates specializes in Search Engine Optimization, we frequently get asked what the top SEO mistakes are.

Webmasters or Graphic Designers often get carried away with building an amazing website (ourselves included) and end up forgetting the basic fact that if your site does not rank, no one will find you.

Sorry folks, this is no Field of Dreams and just because you build it, does not mean they will come.

#1: Keyword Stuffing

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Keyword stuffing is one of the bigger SEO mistakes. It is the act of using multiple keywords on your page that do not fit the context. It is an attempt to trick Google’s algorithms into believing that your page or website is the most efficient page to that should be served for the topic of your keywords (whether they must do with the site or not).

It’s important to make sure you have a keyword density of 2-3%, but it MUST – let me repeat this, MUST fit the context and sound natural.

#2: Broken Linkage

Throughout your website you will create links, otherwise known as URL’s, that point to other web pages or parts of your site.

A broken link, is exactly that. It takes the end user nowhere but appears to.

While broken links won’t get you kicked out of Googles search engine or ranks, it will earn you a bad reputation from authoritative sources across the web.

#3: Plagiarism

One of the other huge SEO Mistakes.

Do you remember in elementary, middle school and high school when your teachers prohibited any work of yours to be copied from other sources, without providing citations? Well, the same applies here.

Google will categorize your site as having plagiarized content if your context is not unique enough. When writing articles, make sure that you cite any point of references where you may have found your information, unless it is your own creative material.

#4: Non-Unique Meta Titles, Descriptions or Tags

All your pages should focus around the primary subject of your website, this is true. However, each page or blog that is attached to your website should also be a unique sub topic.

For example, if you’re creating a website or blog about how to be the best painter in the world you should have multiple blogs or content entries about painting but no two should be the same.

  • How To prepare Your Area for Painting
  • What Color Palates Work Well Together
  • What Paint Brush Should I Use for Each Task

Are you seeing a theme here? All blog titles have a common theme – painting. Each blog or content entry you write however, varies enough in scope that no two entries should ever be the same.

#5: Backlinks

A lot of people will tell you blacklinking is a dead practice – well it’s not. Let me make absolutely clear what is a dead practice.

Before 2017, Google considered any link you received from any website back to yours, a reputable link. The times have changed.

Gaining backlinks from reputable sources like Forbes, Business Insider, Techcrunch, or Fox News (see what we did there) help your website enormously.

Think about it this way. If you’re training to become a pro basketball player and Michael Jordan tells people you have the best jump shot he has seen in a decade, it will be well received.

In the same way, make sure any backlinks that do go to your website are of high quality from branded websites. If they are not, please disavow them through the Google Webmaster Tools platform.

#6: Meta Keywords Tags

One upon a time there was a meta tag named Keyword, and he was a great tag indeed.

Let’s cut to the chase. While webmasters still frequently use the keyword meta tag, it is long depreciated and adds no value to your site.

Keywords Meta Tag:
<meta name=”keywords” content=”Painting, painter, Best Painting, painting Blog, Painting Help”>

To be quite frank, adding these to your website only allows your competition more information about your SEO efforts. Go ahead and leave them off – if you have them, remove them immediately.

SEO is Important

Having a great looking website is important. Having an optimized website that loads quickly with quality content and references – even more important.

PromoAffiliates offers free consultations to anyone who is looking to optimize their website. We have over 20 years combined experience in SEO and SEM and want to help your website get more vision on the internet.

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