The 4 Best Tools to use for Free SEO. A PromoAffiliates favorite!

Get Free SEO with these 4 convenient tools!


Is your website lagging behind the others on Google? Are you on the second, third, or even fifth page? Or if you’re on the first, are you only the fourth or fifth thing listed? And most of all, is this fact frustrating the hell out of you because you don’t know how to go higher? If so, you might be having trouble finding free SEO.


You probably haven’t built your site for optimal SEO. And if it’s built well, then the content you’re adding probably isn’t best for your SEO score. Or even worse, you’re not adding any new content at all. And if you’re new to website building, then you probably don’t have a clue what I’m talking about.


SEO can make or break your website, if your priority is high Google listings. And if your site has anything to do with selling something or promo codes, then SEO should be a priority. But figuring out what t is that Google wants can be both difficult and time-consuming. And hiring a company to do your SEO can cost you a lot of money. But if it’s a bad company, you could be wasting your money and getting little to no results


Well fret not, masters of the web, because there are plenty of tools and sites that help you with SEO. And even better, there are many that can get you some free SEO!


We at PromoAffiliates are no strangers to many of these tools. And to help you all make your own sites stronger, we have highlighted five of our favorite free SEO tools and sites.




         Screw that ‘save the best for last’ crap, because Yoast is probably my favorite tool for free SEO. This tool functions as a plugin for your WordPress website. Once you’ve written your blog, Yoast will score it immediately based on it’s content.


And if there are things that are missing, Yoast will let you know so you can correct the issues. It will score both your post’s SEO and it’s readability, which can be just as important. It’s important to squeeze as much free SEO out of every post or page as possible. And Yoast makes doing that very easy, and even tells you how!


SEO Site Checkup Score


Sometimes though, in order to improve, you need to know where you are. And, there’s other ways to do that besides just searching your brand in Google. And n page is more important to your overall SEO score than your main page.


To get some free SEO points here, you will want to go to They have a great tool where you can see the overall SEO score of any website that you type in. For example, I searched the score of one of our clients, and this is what I got:

free SEO


As you can see, if gives you an overall breakdown of your points. Our client’s site scored 92 overall out of 100. This includes how many things failed the check, and how many that passed. Going back and tweaking the things that failed makes for great free SEO. But be careful, because the free SEO tool only gives you a certain amount of checks per day before you have to start paying for it!


Google keyword planner


Using this regularly will help keep your website relevant. By utilizing the Google keyword planner, you can plan in ahead the keywords that your entire posts will be centered around. This tool is critical if you want to get as much free SEO that you can.


Let’s pretend that my website is about vegan food recipes. And let’s imagine that I want to write a blog post for my latest recipe, a veggie-based gravy. Using the Google keyword planner beforehand will help me figure out how best to form my keyword. For example, the keyword ‘veggie gravy recipe’ might not be getting as many searches per month as ‘vegan gravy recipe.’ Thanks to the Google Keyword planner, you now know to use ‘vegan gravy recipe.’


By making sure you have the best keywords available, you seriously boost the amount of free SEO you’re getting.


Checking your articles for plagiarism


Now this won’t do a ton for your free SEO. However, it goes a long way toward keeping Google off your own back. Google frowns upon plagiarized content. And if they see too much of it, they might decide to blacklist or penalize your site. If you’re blacklisted, you may as well just close up shop now.


But thanks to small SEO tools, this has become much easier to catch, and therefore, prevent. You can upload your blog to their free online web tool. It will search through Google to see if there is any plagiarized content. So instead of worrying if you’re copying something you may not know about, now you have a tool watching your back.


And with that worry gone, you’re free to concentrate more on scooping up as much free SEO as you can. But beware, there is a word limit for the free version!


Some final words


There are so many different tools out there that exist purely to help you get better SEO. But the only thing better than getting something, is getting it for free. Therefore, the only thing better than SEO, is free SEO.


However, some of you might be looking at these tools, and still be confused. And that’s perfectly all right! To be perfectly honest, not everyone is cut out to engineer their very own websites for the best SEO possible. Either that, or you might just not want to have to bother with all that in the first place. My dad used to tell me, “I wish that I could just find someone to do all this for me while I concentrate on my business.”


Well lucky for him, that’s exactly what PromoAffiliates does! We make it our business to optimize all aspects of online marketing for many businesses. And that includes SEO. So if you’re looking to get as much free SEO as you can, I highly recommend the tools mentioned in this article. And if not, then PromoAffiliates can take care of all that for you! And if you wanna do it yourself, then we’ve got lots more free SEO tips on our website!