YouTube SEO Tips & Tricks

YouTube SEO Tips & Tricks to Drive More Unique Traffic

What’s better than on-site SEO? YouTube SEO!

With almost unlimited potential, YouTube is just another great way to drive traffic to your content while also providing relevant linking back to your website.

There’s only one problem. YouTube is a very crowded social media source and leveraging it can be a hard task. According to YouTube, there are more than 100 hours of video uploaded every minute to their servers.

With that said, the question remains – “How do I get people to watch my content?”

#1: Write SEO Driven Video Descriptions

It’s important to remember that YouTube and Google (YouTube’s owner), cannot watch, listen or interpret your video’s content.

How your video ranks is heavily dependent on the text and content surrounding your video.

Providing limited information or text does not give YouTube the full picture about your video, what it is about and how it relates to other content. More Importantly, YouTube like Google, uses keywords in the description to rank your video.

We advise to make your YouTube video’s description 250 – 300 words with a keyword density of 2% (similar to that of a blog).

#2: Identify Trending Keywords in Your Niche

In any form of marketing, including YouTube SEO, it’s important to identify trending keywords. In most cases, others have already done the work for you and all you must do is make it better.

For instance, when writing this article, we identified what the latest and most up to date trending keywords were surrounding “YouTube SEO”. Our results were as follows:

  • SEO Your YouTube Channel
  • YouTube SEO
  • YouTube SEO Tips
  • YouTube SEO 2017

With that said, what did we do? We included most of these keywords in our text with “YouTube SEO” being the primary key phrase. We did not guess who, where, why, what or how – we took the time to research what would yield the most results. Similarly, you can also do the same with YouTube.

Play with the YouTube search feature and take note of Titles, Descriptions, Tags and the formats of popular videos that appear at the top of YouTubes search results.

#3: YouTube Titles & Descriptions

When writing your YouTube title, it’s important to include your keyword or phrase. Use the strategy listed above to find the most popular searches and uses while incorporating them.

For instance – if we were to create a YouTube video that highlighted the content of this blog, we would use a title like this:

“How To SEO Your YouTube Chanel – Tips & Tricks For 2017”

Furthermore, we would write the first few lines of the description like this:

“PromoAffiliates covers how to SEO Your YouTube Chanel with Tips & Tricks for 2017”

By using your key phrases in both the title and the content, you are painting a very clear picture for YouTube that outlines what your content consists of.

#4: Funnel Your Traffic

YouTube is a great way to get organic hits and traffic – utilizing other resources online in conjunction with your video, even better.

Before posting your YouTube video, take the time out to identify ten online communities that may take interest in your video. Communities, Yahoo Answers, Quora, Reddit & more.

After your video is uploading and published to YouTube, post it immediately in the online communities you found. Doing so will tell YouTube that your video is relative content to other top ranking websites and may even help it rank better internally for your chosen title and description.

Pro Tips

  • Open the communities you found online in separate browser tabs before going live with your video on YouTube.
  • Write out a 100 to 200-word synopsis of your video that you will copy and paste into the communities, along with the YouTube link.
  • After your video is live on YouTube, paste your script and video link into the communities discussed above in under ten minutes.

Everything is about relevancy and timing on the internet. By combining these pro tips together when posting your new YouTube video, you will yield the best chances of receiving unique traffic from multiple sources and ranking higher in YouTube.

#5: SEO Your YouTube Filenames

This is a pretty straightforward concept. YouTube indexes your video upload and submission on their internal servers by the name of the file. Make sure you are naming your files correctly.

For example – our video file name if we were creating a video for this blog would be:


Incorrectly naming your files only hurts you in the long run. Please do not skip this very simple task.

In Conclusion

YouTube is a great way to get your ideas, business, brand or niche related content out there. By using this simple guide and following these rules, you will increase the chances of driving more traffic to your videos.

PromoAffiliates has helped established many YouTube channels and brands. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can help you.

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